Sunday, January 19, 2014

open space sunday for paolo (jan 19,2014)

sundays' definitely time for the kids.... :-) but we missed Mateo on this sunday kasi mommy was so in a hurry to go get the baby herbs that we have to leave before 3 para open pa yung shop.... since mateo was still asleep he missed all these.... :-(
he's now allowed to ride at the back of the pickup... and he's soooo digging it! hehehe feeling the wind as we rush through Pasonanca road.... :-)

somebody's looking so disappointed dahil mukhang di kami bababa and we're on the road home! :-) hehehe

pero nung ramdam nyang mgppark na e humirit ng "ay parking lang pala tayo...baba na tayo bilis!" and since we parked a bit far from the park, we were forced to walk.... we were laughing at daddylo's trip kaya tuloy when we saw the pickup also going to the park paolo said "baliw daddylo...pinalakad papao!" hay naku, why do kids talk this way these days.. :D

aaaannndddd... the fun begins!!!! :-)

somebody's tayo is sooo daddyboo here.... :-)

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