Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zambo Resto Review: Early Birds (Shawarma)

i'm a huge shawarma fan... i remember my sunday groceries back in Manila... i would usually end up not just carrying my grocery bag but also that irresistable Baba Shawarma back home. :-)

i haven't seen any shawarma in Zamboanga City since I got back last year (oh yes I didn't notice the stall inside Mindpro hehe)... so just imagine my excitement when my dude told me that his officemate suggested a shawarma place along Putik (a barangay down here which is along my daily route)... we tried to look for it right away but missed it.... good thing another schoolmate who's working abroad had this post in Facebook about their foodtrip sessions in Zamboanga... she mentioned shawarma+putik!!! she gave me exact location...  it's right in front of Harry's Grill in Putik. This was back in January2010, and eversince Early Birds' Shawarma is always an option for me to take home... :D I didn't know they are already famous, because when I mentioned my discovery of Early Birds to some of my officemates they just told me that it's been there for years....

I realized that you would definitely miss it because the sign says "Early Birds Bakeshop"....

Early Birds had expanded just this year... expanding in terms of space and the choices of Shawarma...

initially Early Birds looks like a quick-bite place... with tables and chairs in a semi-open space but not comfy enough for you to want to stay longer... they now have a rooftop space... :-)

your shawarma options in Early Birds??? you can have chicken or beef, regular or double meat, or you can even add egg.... and this can costs you between Php40-55. the meat tastes good, even if you will have the chicken... but the only thing I don't like about their Shawarma is their use of fried potatoes as additional extender instead of cucumbers.... by the time you finish your shawarma you're very very full because of the potatoes.... but other than that, everything is good...even their pita bread... :-)
just recently, they made innovations and started selling a bento version of their shawarma!!! i got intrigued when i first saw it and  asked how big is the serving, the guy told me it's even enough for 2, I thought he was just kidding and I really had one for myself.... :-) good thing my dude helped me even after he finished his own usual Chicken Shawarma... :D

The bento shawarma is made of the usual contents, grilled meat, pita bread, fried potatoes and a choice between veggie salad (stir fried carrots, beans, etc.) or coleslaw. This costs Php80.

Early Birds Shawarma may not be as good as my favorite Baba Shawarma that I always buy in Shopwise Makati but the taste is there... i'm loving it.... just one of the few restos in Zamboanga that I'm willing to go back... :-)

Early Birds Bakeshop
Maria Clara Lobregat Highway
Putik, Zamboanga City
***photos were taken at different times


  1. anong telephone number nila? pls reply ASAP!!! gutom na kaibigan ko!

  2. natawa naman po ako sa comment mo... here's the number... 984-1897. :-) kakatanong ko lang din sa friend ko... cge update ko blog...

  3. nag dedeliver ba sila?

  4. san po kayo nakabili ng bento shawarma? Wala raw po sa Early Birds Putik, Zamboanga City?

    1. dun din po sa Putik nila... pero noon pa po to...2010...baka di na nila ginagawa ngayon....

  5. Please make a branch at KCC Mall or kahit sa pueblo. Ang layo na kasi pag sa may port pilar. 😓😓😓😓😓



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