Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zambo Resto Review: Bergeroni Pizza & Pasta House

it's nice to know that lately Zamboanga City had been experiencing sprouting of nice restos... eversince I got back here last year i've been on a hunt for a perfect foodie place... but so far there's only 4 that i'm very willing to go back to, mainly because of the ambiance... food-wise, still needs a lot of improvement...:D at this point, i'm still in the level where i would prefer to just go home and cook... hehe but still, i have my hopes up that Zamboanga City can be a foodie haven too! :-)


Bergeroni Pizza and Pasta House opened I think October this year... Location is where CoffeeMyx used to be (Midtown Plaza Mall, where you'll find the first KFC branch in Zambo). I was excited to try it after finding out that another possible tambayan/meeting place is going to open in that location. So we agreed to have our Alumni Homecoming meeting there this week....

Ambiance: The black&white theme which I suppose is trying to capture that "diner/bistro" feel is kinda giving a drawback on the overall feel of the place... add to that the smoke from their oven, it feels kinda dark and gloomy... the smoke could even hurt your eyes... good thing they've used Italy's colors, probably to give that pizza&pasta Italian credibility... hehe just my hunch... well at least the colors somhow helped give life to the place... but i just think it still isn't enough... probably more lights and less smoke could give the place that diner/bistro effect... and more whites!!! :-) adding some trinkets could even give the whole place more character...

Food: We ordered pizza.... i miss Brooklyn Pizza's White Cheese so I gave my vote for Bergeroni's Cheese Loader... Diana have the same choice and the others just let us be hehe... but when it was placed on our table it looks sooo sad... the cheese looked burned... but we gave it a chance.... and still... am disappointed...the cheese topping is definitely burned, i can not get a "cheese" taste anywhere... plus the crust is too thick I should just have a slice of bread instead, and it feels like it just came from a freezer... I barely finished mine, I'm a thin-crust person although at times I can have thick crust pizza but that is if the crust is yummy as the toppings... :D but in our cheeze pizza that night... it was just sad...

good thing we ordered this... this mozarella sticks saved the night...somehow. :-) good thing we were not too hungry...love that their mozarella sticks have some pesto touch in it, even the thousand island-like dip had some basil touch too! :-) but the mozarella sticks could have been more perfect if it was served hot so customers can enjoy the oozy character of the cheese.

still, it's a nice meeting place. i guess we were too noisy for all the chika and the homecoming discussions... they just let us be... hehe free wifi but connection was too slow according to Kevin...

Silly me I only photographed the Pizza side of the menu... hehe sorry... they have other items too like the Mozarella cheese, which is on the other side of this menu... they have several pasta options as well...

as much as i want to say that the place is nice and all but the pizza was really a major turnoff for me, specially the crust... considering it's one of their main products... I really wish I can help promote local restos but I just have to be honest with my reactions... hehe

I will have to go back to try their pasta...

Bergeroni Pizza
Midtown Plaza Mall
Nunez Extension, Zamboanga City
21 November 2010

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