Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mindanao Bloggers Zambo tour

Day after the 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit, the organizers included a mini tour around the city specially for the participants from other parts of Mindanao.... say free tour and promding chamimay will definitely be there.... hehe ;D

First stop: Yakan Weaving Village. It was also my first time there, although it is just right outside the La Vista del Mar beach which is quite near the city's main town... i will definitely include this in the itinerary im preparing for my visitors here next year! :-) They sell yakan-weaved items...

well the "city tour" is actually more a Zambo Ecozone tour. We spent most of the tour time in Ecozone. Ms. Georgina Yu, head of ZamboEcozone was actually there to assist the tour....

It was raining hard when we arrived (I forgot to offer my usual egg hehehe). We stayed in one of the cottage, we camwhored and even the praying mantis on the sofa joined in! The place is being rented out for Php5,000 i think and can accomodate upto 50 people. It's nice, complete with real clean comfort rooms and many many beds.... perfect for big group overnight activity in ZamboEcozone.

There's a pool below the cottage where we made our stop... i already saw it before. I didn't know there's actually more on the side where the zipline is... and it looks more inviting!!!

My unfinished business with ZamboEcozone.... this is my 2nd time to be there but still I wasn't able to try the zipline that lets you cross the lagoon and then zip again going back! :-)

This is one of the reasons why I dont want to miss this trip... I know we would be a priviledged tour where we can go inside or try stuff which would normally be not available if you'll just barge in on your own... hehehe We were allowed to check out their Boathouse's interior! It's complete with a mini-kitchen, a jacuzzi!, and beds galore.... they would only allow up to 6 people for Php2,000/night.

We were ushered to the Game Zone, since it was raining again, we spent more time there... this time we get to try playing! This is the first 10-pin bowling facility in Zamboanga City. It's more fun to play actually than the duckpins but ZamboEcozone is just too far away from the townproper that it wouldn't be like a spontaneous destination for the locals...

Most of us were just wearing sandals, so no sacks.... so just for this instance we were allowed to play on foot! t'was more fun! hehehe

It was past 1pm when we head back to the city.... next stop is the Pasonanca park... i've been here for countless of times already, even brought my Manila friends there during their visit last year, but this time is different because we get to go inside the tree house!!! my first time! hehe :-)

it was also an opportunity for me to know bloggers from Zambo City too! I hope there'll be more of us here!

Yakan Weaving Village, Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City
Zamboanga Ecozone, San Ramon, Zamboanga City
Pasonanca Park, Pasonanca, Zamboanga City
31 October 2010


  1. Wow, di ko po alam na meron palang blogging community ang Zamboanga. Hopefully, madami pang events na ganito dito. Looks like a whole lot fun :)

  2. hello! you're from zambo??? :-) actually konti lang nameet kong bloggers from zambo di pa ganun kaactive.... most ng mga kasama namin here are from other places in Mindanao.... i have my fingers crossed din na sana mgprosper ang blogging world sa zambo... hehehe pero ako mismo mejo ngkakaron na rin ng backlogs dahil maraming work.... hope i can update my blog soon!

    join ka if we'll have other activities.... il follow your blog so i can invite you... :-)

  3. Yes po, from Zamboanga rin. I understand the backlog part; I suffer from general blankness - lagi walang masulat.

    I've linked your blog, para I can visit it regularly. Keep up the good work po :)

  4. So glad to know that there is a huge number of bloggers that really come from Mindanao. Makes me so proud. Sana'y tuloy-tuloy lang. :)



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