Sunday, October 31, 2010

I WON!!! is Best Photoblog!!!

***my other blog won:, not this one... hehehe i think i've confused some of my friends... :D

weeeee!!! look what i got.... a Philippine Blog Awards (Mindanao division) jeepney!!! :-)

here's the rest of the winners for each category:
beauty and fashion: Get Prettified
food: Kusina Maria
lifestyle: Minadanaoan
personal: Ganda Ever So Much
photoblog: Charmie Tamba P&S Photography (weeee!!!! si Promding Chamimay din to!!! hehe)
Technology: Alleba Blog and Something Geeky
travel: Gensan News Online Mag

Philippine Blog Awards - Mindanao Division Awarding
4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit
Garden Orchid Hotel
Zamboanga City
30 October 2010


  1. this is awesomeeeeeeeeee!!!
    im so jealous!

  2. nyaha!! ninominate na rin kita... :D

  3. thanks brendel! congratulations din!! sana you were able to come to zamboanga... :D

  4. Sayang nga eh. I miss Zamboanga. I have friends and relatives there pa naman.

    But I'm glad you guys had a successful event.

  5. Congratulations Charm, you deserve it. I just wish you get your own domain too (pagkakakitaan ba ang inisip ko for you).

  6. @brendel: you're from davao? let's exchange links po ha? :-) i like you're blog... im beginning to be an ukay girl na rin kasi... hehehe :D

    @mys: mejo kinoconsider ko na rin po... pero isip pa muna... hehehe

    @shla: thanks thanks!!!

  7. congratulations, charm!

    we are leaving now for iligan. ayo ayo mo diri..if time allows we will visit this wonderful city again. :)

    Arlene and Dimple

  8. ingat po mam arlene! it's nice meeting you po! :-) we'll be your host pag napadpad ulit kayo dito... :D iligan is also in my list of must visit next year... mindanao mode ako next year... hehehe :D

  9. Congrats! keep up the good work!

  10. wow! thanks for the visit ms Leah! :-) thank you po... :D

  11. Hi,

    I saw your photoblog 'te Charm! nice! congrats po! =D *inggit-but-inspired ako! haha!* keep it up! =D

  12. hi sim! salamat! :-) saw your photos too... tuwing nagpopost ka sa FB hehehe... you're doing great din!!! tuloy tuloy mo lang.... :-)



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