Saturday, October 30, 2010

1st Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Fun Run!

all i ever wished for is to have fun runs in zamboanga...

when runs and marathons became so common in Manila after I left I really envied my friends who were able to join.... i've heard of around 3-4 runs organized in zamboanga city this year, and i was only able to join one, Rotary's Stop TB Run... then planning came for CMZ's 7th anniversary celebration, i was really ecstatic when it was agreed that we will organize our own fun run!!! :-)

Categories: 700m, 3k, 5k, 7k
the route: Nunez Extension only (we took advantage of the long stretch of the street where CMZ is located, having our runners turn at certain U-turn slots along the road depending on their category).

we had hesitations with the planned route... we were worried it might be a turn off for some since the route would need the runners to do 3-5 rounds to complete their categories... but personnally i like the idea because we can station cheerers and completely secure the road with cones.... im glad with the same positive comments after... they felt safe with the lane completely secure from passing vehicles... :-)

weather was really perfect that morning... no more sign of the rain from the night before, not even a slight drizzle! a bit cloudy... which is just enough since it made running comfortable for everyone.

thanks to all who joined and had fun!!! :-)

more photos here, here, and here

CMZ-Nunez Extension
17 October 2010

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