Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VIVA Nuestra Senora La Virgen del Pilar (2010)

Fiesta Pilar happened so quickly this year... we didn't get to go to other activities lined up by the City Gov't since 1st of October, but I cant afford to miss the procession on the feast day....

The procession seems shorter this time, and with lesser people compared to last year... we were already at the Fort Pilar shrine before 5pm.

And while editing pix for this post...I just realized we ended up almost on the same spot where we stayed last year to hear mass... but this time we were able to go inside. ;-) Familiar angle... hehehe here's an almost similar photo from last year: 2009. I love the color of the drapes this time... not the typical blue and white associated with the Lady of the Pillar. :-) 

Same route as last year... procession started at the Cathedral then along Mayor Jaldon, then through the City Hall, then straight ahead to the Fort Pilar.... weather was great.... sunny, clear skies. a bit windy though... I was with mamang and Julie ann. but when we were somewhere near the City Hall, wind became stronger and dark clouds moved in....

We were able to go inside the Shrine before the mass.... it rained before the mass started.... good thing mamang bought umbrellas before the procession hehehe :D

rain or shine! overwhelming outpour of love for Zamboanga City's Lady! :-) 

I'm a bit of a sucker for details lately... it's nice to learn some things about La Virgen del Pilar... :-) I don't want to talk about religion, but i have a big love for her... :-) I didn't exert effort much to find out more about her... but these bits of information is kinda nice to know:
  • her city of origin is actually in Zaragosa (a capital city of the Zaragoza province and of the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain).
  • according to legend, in the early days of the Church, the Apostle James was tasked to spread the word of God in this certain place, but his mission was making little progress until miraculously, he saw Mary committing him to Jerusalem. In his vision, she was atop a column or pillar, which was being carried by angels.

sometimes i tend to forget how much Zamboanga City loves el Nuestra Senora la Virgen del Pilar... i know she got believers even from the Muslims... during the mass, there was a part where prayers were said in different languages common here in the City... there was a Muslim part too! (im not sure if it's Tausug or something else... i cant tell hehe)... cool. :-)

Happy Fiesta Zamboanga!
Viva Nuestra Senora La Virgen del Pilar!!!

Hope you guys had a nice Fiesta Pilar! :-)

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