Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tacloban Resto Review: Jose Karlos Cafe! (proudly pinoy!)

2nd stop of our foodie adventure in Tacloban! :-)

I didn't expect Jose Karlos would end up as one of our favorite place in Tacloban... I almost scrapped it out of our list because after having a quick run through of the materials we got from the net on what we can find in Tacloban, Jose Karlos didn't stick with me... probably because they don't have free Wifi... hehe im bias like that.. :D

good thing turn of events that night ended with us settling at Jose Karlos... and then we were just filled with our "wow's" and our "aaahh's".... the place is really nice... very homey... nice for just hanging out and having chitchats with friends.... it's as comfy as Starbucks or other known cafes (well except for the wifi hehe).... i love the trinkets and art on display all over the place...

After our dinner at Calle Z our plan is to have dessert at Cafe Urbana. I was drooling about that flourless chocolate cake.... We rode a tricycle with a driver who doesn't seem to know where it is. We gave him the street name where Cafe Urbana was but we've gone through the street several times and still no trace of the cafe. It was out of frustration that the driver asked us if what we want is to be in a cafe... we gave him our yes that's why he brought us to Jose Karlos beside Sto Nino church. :-)

But instead of going inside Jose Karlos, I was still not giving up on Cafe Urbana... we noticed an activity in a plaza in front of the church, we went there first to check out. Ezra noticed the police patrol car and asked me to take photos of her with the mobile... then the idea hit me... probably these police would most likely know where Cafe Urbana is... :-) Oh well... so much expectations, they seem to be familiar with the name but they can not pin point where exactly it is.... they offered us a tour of the city in their mobile car... hehehe we looked like we were being caught for some crime and being brought to the jail... :D They showed us around... we've gone through the street again where Cafe Urbana is supposed to be... then we passed by several buildings in the city... the CAP building, their provincial capitol... then we headed to Club6500 in Leyte Park Hotel... at this point we're beginning to feel scared... we politely asked the 2 police to take us back to Jose Karlos instead... :-) well... at least im glad all of these happened or we really won't be visiting Jose Karlos during any part of the trip.... 

Surprisingly, prices at Jose Karlos is quite cheap... :-) sadly, I was still stuffed from dinner that I only ordered for a hot choco... :-) t'was good though. It's just a homegrown cafe, homey enough to rival the bigger players in the cafe industry... :-) Anton Diaz described the cafe as "best and original Filipino designed cafe in the Philippines".

i love the high ceiling in one part of the cafe.... the space opens up to the 2nd floor... they made use of the walls opened here by displaying more lovely trinkets. :-) 

Ezra was the first to explore the place. i sat down first to try to catch my breath... the laptop i was carrying around was already killing my back... :D she came back really giddy about what she found out upstairs... :-) more nice display of cool items and paintings... more really nice setup of tables and chairs and couches and lamps.... and a really chic restaurant upstairs too! I will let her do the bloggind about that resto... meanwhile, here's one of my favorite corners in the cafe.... the stairs leading to the 2nd floor! more art and that lovely plane! just awesome... :-)

here's the rest of the display along the stairs... im so in love with these... :-)

the locals would tell you that the cafe's strength lies on their pastries... they make their own....these looked so inviting, specially that chocolate cupcake below... but i swear i was really stuffed already that night...

Jose Karlos Cafe is a must include in your Tacloban itinerary! :-)

Jose Karlos Cafe
Juan Luna St., Tacloban City
(beside Sto Nino church)

Tacloban trip with Ezra
17-19 September 2010


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  2. Hi Charmie, i am sincerely touched by your story and adventure in search of cafe urbana. we closed august of 2009 that is why you never found the flourless chocolate cake:-) we would have loved to have you and your friend as our guests. But thank you for really making the big effort... the trike driver must have charged you extra:-)


    J. Cafe Urbana Owner

  3. hello j! wow you found my blog! hehehehe nice to know you get to read this... we really had a funny time that night... the following night we discovered Stalk Exchange in Club6500... the owners told us about the cafe urbana closing the year before and that we came to the right place because they're using your tables and their kitchen door is also from cafe urbana!!! how cool can you get? hehehe that tacloban trip and our little foodie hunt was definitely one for the books... :D

    hope i could still get to try your flourless chocolate in whatever ways hehehe :D



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