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Tacloban Resto Review: Calle Z! (Zaragossa)

First stop of our Tacloban Foodie Adventure! :-)

Calle Zaragosa Cafe or better known to locals as Calle Z is one of the best local hangout place in Tacloban. It is a cafe-restobar. They are known for their bulalo, but we failed to try it (huhu)... we were too overwhelmed with the choices and we were too hungry to check our list of what's not to miss in Calle Z hehe. The owner Gerry Ruiz is a respected photographer and Tacloban Blogger (blogging at

The place reminds me of our fave indie bar in Makati - Saguijo! :-) Major difference is the live bands which is a major constant for Saguijo. But the feel, the vibe, the crowd... feels so much like Saguijo... :-)

Calle Z had been a hangout place for Tacloban since 2002! I am sooo loving the foodie world in Tacloban, there are a handful of loved restos that had been there for years! They can really support restos there, just as long as they're good. hehe

You can either dine al-fresco or inside the homey resto... we chose to eat inside because we were too tired and hungry from the hotel hopping that night that we just wanna be cooled down first hehe...I'm loving the green wall and the display on the shelves...particularly that small chair! :-)
we forgot to check our list on what's the best food in Calle Z that's why we missed to order their bulalo, so we ended up with these yummies!

Tokwa't Kawali Php100.00 (more like Tokwa't Lechon Kawali, a more cardiacdelight version of Tokwa't Baboy! hehe)  - my ears were flapping to see a tofu in the menu, plus the fact that the waiter confirmed that's it's available!!! (i've been experiencing a series of disappointments here in zambo everytime im being told that the dish with tofu in the menu is not available).
Sizzling Sisig Php95.00 - ezra's choice... this is yummy! and toooootally worth more than the Php95 price. serving is big... we just forced ourselves to finish it hehehe :-)
With all the excitement about the food, we forgot to get a decent shot of interior of the cafe... here's the best we got... me while doing our sawsawan hehehe.

As I've said, Calle Z is similar to Saguijo... a house turned into a resto bar... :-)
We vowed to go back to Calle Z on our 2nd and last night in Tacloban and have some cocktail drinks! We did even though we were too stuffed from dinner at The Stalk Exhange! Ezra ordered Calle Boracay Cafe Latte.... too heavy again for the tummy... I looked wasted already even before taking a sip... hehehehe We stayed outside this time to feel the vibe there too! I'm amazed at the variety of Calle Z customers. There are even people who are just in their plain house clothes ordering bulalo. How cool is that, Calle Z is not only a gimik place for Tacloban but also where they can just simply go and enjoy comfort food. :-)

Only just the first stop of our foodie trip in Tacloban and we were already jumpy about our find! :-) love love love!

Make sure not to miss Calle Z during your Tacloban trip!

Here's the rest of the cafe's menu, cheap prices huh!

Calle Zaragoza
39 Independencia St., Tacloban City
Philippines 6500
Telephone Numbers: +63 53 321 3197; 325 8582, +63 917 306 0168

Tacloban City trip with Ezra
17-19 September 2010 >

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