Thursday, October 7, 2010

vintage trinkets galore in Kyle's! (Tacloban City)

this is definitely one of the reasons why i love travelling... because when i do, i would usually turn the net upside down to find what's not to be missed in whereever im going... the most "off the beaten path" as possible the better... :-) and far far better is stumbling on something so interesting that's not even on your list.... :D

one of our target places to cover is the Sto Nino Shrine (which is actually now a museum)... we held back when we saw the rates to go inside... although i've read somewhere already that it is not advisable to go in if there's just 1-2 of you... price is Php200 for the first 5, so even if it's just me & ezra, we still need to pay that much... that's Php100 each!!! kinda not ok for a backpacking trip... hehehe

so we just camwhored on the sides of the building a bit and checked out what's behind the shrine... and then we noticed a bamboo-fenced estate at the back... the gates says "Kyle's"... we peeked and saw a really big pool with dirty water.... we sneaked in... it was really nice inside! when we met one of their guys there we asked if we can go around and take photos... he gave his yes! so we had a feast at all the things we saw!!!

the first thing that caught my attention are all the old trinkets on display... i got really excited to see these lamps... i wonder how it looked so nice when what they did is just line it up on one corner... :-) seeing that there's more old stuf on the other side of the place made us really giddy... :D

here's one of my favorites... a chandelier-like setup of good ol' lampara. :-) I suppose those spikes where they hang the lamps are from wooden-made tires.... it's the spokes i suppose... very nice idea... must look real nice during night... 

and this lounge chair (am i right to call it that?)... looooooove! :-)

almost every person we saw there is busy preparing the place... when we got on this part we saw a tarpauline of a couple getting married that day... lucky ones... this is a real nice place to have your wedding reception... look at how lovely the chairs are... even without anything else on it already looks perfect...

the only turnoff about the place is the dirty water in the pool... it's really big... more like an olympic-type pool... since it's just right behind the Sto Nino shrine, most likely it was also built as part of it. But if the Shrine is under PCGG now, how come this pool area seems to be a private-owned property already... hmn.... curious... :D hehe

going further, we noticed more trinkets... and some HUGE bottles... the first things that came to my mind when i saw these bottles is tuba. im trying to remember where in my memory did i find a tuba in this kind of big bottle... hehehe

and here's more bottles.... coke bottles that is... but i dont think these are too old... i think coke bottles these days still have this kind of shape... or maybe im just not really good at seeing the difference... hehe

there are a lot of vintage items around... like there's one corner full of old clocks... and here in this corner are old Christian statues... there were a lot of different old stuff around displayed based on their group in corners.... there's just simply too many items around but they don't look cluttered at all! they even look charming... :-)

this is another favorite... on the kitchen area, there are a lot of old pans, kettles and other cooking stuff hanging on the kitchen's poles... really cool! i love this pan in particular... it has soooo much character in it... i wonder how many delish food was cooked with it... :-)

even the washroom area is a pretty.... for their roof, they used the white/semi-transparrent kind, so that during daytime, natural light from the sun would provide this place this nice lighting...;-)

We've found out that Kyle's isn't just an event place... it's actually a bar-resto... here's some post i found about it: Kyle's Tacloban

Kyle's Bar
Ninoy Aquino Avenue
Tacloban City, Leyte
Near Leyte Normal University & Leyte National High School
At the back of the Sto Nino Shrine

Tacloban trip with Ezra
17-19 September 2010

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