Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tacloban Resto Review: Dream Cafe

3rd stop of our Tacloban foodie adventure....

We initially planned to have our breakfast on our first day in Sunzibar... we left our hotel quite late than originally planned (almost 9am) and it took us more than 30min just to locate Sunzibar only to find out it's still closed and opens 10.30am.... We ended starving and a bit lost on where to have breakfast... i ended up asking where Guisuppe's is, im pretty sure anyone from Tac would be able to lead us there... :-) It also opens around 11am... the nearest options that we have is Chowking and Dream Cafe... eating in Chowking would be a BIG NO for this trip... hehehe we have limited time and tummy space to just end up with a generic resto... hehehe... so Dream Cafe it is then....

We were a bit hesitant to go inside... the outside was not able to entice us.. hehe but since we were already starving and really fighting the idea to end up in Chowking, we decided to give it a try... :-)

The interior is cool... with the big mirror on one wall and red walls all over... :-) I generally like the red, black and white feel of the place... kinda like a diner but not at the same time... :-)

With the ambiance of the place, you wouldn't expect very cheap priced food...:-) I got a tapsilog with coffee already for only Php55.  really really like! not bad.. :-)

The place is nice to hang out and relax a bit... we grabbed the opportunity to come up with a game plan for the rest of the trip... considering we have very limited time... here's some of our backpacking trip essentials... cute hat, sunnies, printout of our itinerary and some copied info from various blogs, and of course pen&notebook!

Although Dream Cafe does not have anything extraordinary, I still consider it a good find... the ambiance gave the ordinary food options here an umphf! :-)!

Dream Cafe
166 M H del Pilar
Tacloban City, Leyte
Tel No.: (053) 523-8606
Tacloban trip with Ezra

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