Thursday, October 28, 2010

jog mode on!!!

finally!!! after many attempts... we were able to push our pretty asses to start jogging! we went to good ol' zamboanga grandstand...

good thing it's a bit lighted already since sun sets earlier this time of the year... or probably we were just lucky that there's a group who paid for the lights... :-)

we did 8 rounds!!! 3 rounds straight jog and 5 rounds walk... hehehe it's been 7months since my last jog... il get the momentum back soon...

it's really freeing to jog... i love the feel of the open space, the major sweating and the real fast heartbeat.... there's my endorphine fix for the day. :-)

goal is to run 3x a week at least... fingers crossed, we can do this!!!

i'm posing a challenge to these two lovelies... kaya nyo yan!!! let's be sexy for our summer trip next year! :-) here's your "before pic" so you'll have a good laugh later when you'll be all so yummy already and we'll look back at this post. :-)

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