Saturday, June 28, 2014

followin' the leader

our little motmot is soooo excited to catch up with his kuyaboo that he dared to take those first steps weeks before his first birthday... so on mommy's first full weekend at home since our little buddha started to walk, iv seen how he's really trying to imitate kuyaboo!!!

i'm sorry for the ugly backgrounds and sloppy photos, i just find this set soooo adorable i can not choose to remove some of the photos.... :-) the motmot held on the other end of the almost-out-of-air balloons from his birthday while kuyaboo held the other... and then kuyaboo leads the walking around the house while the little motmot happily marches along!!! my bad for not takings vids though... so sweet and cute bro-moment! :D

created and posted: July 01, 2014

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