Saturday, January 19, 2013

pao hilot

in our household, hilot and haplas is still a common thing, specially that we have both grannies with us. and since the little tot is at the stage of imitation, everything he sees we do is a must try for him... one night he saw my mom massaging my dad's back because he was having a bad cough... the tot immediately climbed on my mom's lap so he could help.... :-) sometimes during our mini playtime before going to sleep i would also ask him to do little kicks/steps on mommy's back because it helps sooth the backpain from the pregnancy... and he's almost always my willing victim hehehe :D

yes, we're living with my 'rents! :-) although i might get some frown there but this is what i have in mind when i decided to settle for good in zamboanga. I want my parents to experience having somebody else other than themselves at home... although sometimes im also trying to picture out what would our life be if its just us, our little growing family... but my parents deserve to have us with them, specially the little tot, after allowing us all to go to college and eventually work far from home. So here's my way of catching up with them. :-)


  1. I think it is great to have your parents around you! I also do, and it helped a whole lot with raising the kids!

  2. That is a nice thought, Charm! I know this is so good for Pao esp. that you both work!



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