Monday, January 21, 2013

i need some mommy help! (travel with tots)

although our coming Feb trip is not my first time to travel with the kiddo, but the first travel was a piece of cake! i only need to worry about the "in-transit" part because once we arrived in Manila we were either at my brother's or my sister's place....and since they kids less than 3years old everything, from bottle sterilizer, to extra nappies or anything else baby-related is not in any of my things-to-worry list then.. hehehe

The CDO trip this Feb is different however... it will be my usual gala lang talaga. So that would mean we will be staying in not so expensive hotels, will be traveling with my usual travel buddies, we would most likely be in different places everyday, meaning different hotels too.... so here's my 2 baby things that's still a big puzzle for me...and i have more or less a month to prepare for the trip...

1) sterilizer for the feeding bottles! since the kiddo rejected my boobs since he was just a month old, we've been bottle dependent... i asked an officemate who travelled with her not-breastfeeding kid before and asked about this particular prob, she told me she actually brought their sterilizer with them... well, she's really not the travel-light kind... but i'm actually tempted, though i cant imagine carrying more than 1 bag to move around during the trip!!! so please, anybody who have more brilliant ideas??? :-)

2) infant milk - i know it can be bought anywhere, but i think it would be such a hassle specially if we're on the move most of the time... however, buying milk in boxes is more expensive than getting a can...but i'm just a bit hesitant about the bulkiness of even a small can of milk... hehehe i'm sooo used to light travel that this is really a big puzzle for me to solve now... :D diapers would be easier to bring, i will just have to forget about cloth diapers for this trip...sorry Earth! :D

all the other baby items i want to make sure we have with us are  still within my reasonable things to carry... :-) here's my must haves:
1) sandos...lots of baby sandos! hehehe not really, cguro 2-3 for each day.
2) shorts, 1-2 each day.
3) jammies, 1 each day
4) Off lotion
5) baby powder
6) caladryl
7) bath soap and shampoo
8) alcohol
9) at most 2 towels, we'll just be out for 3days... :D
10) lotion
11) 4 milk bottles
12) dishwashing liquid and sponge
13) stash of his favorite Fita
14) 2 small toy cars
15) his fave transportation book
16) beach toys (pail and pala hehe) we're definitely having a beach part!!! am so xcited for this...

hmn.... this is what i have in mind so far.... anything else you think i forgot??? or any really helpful tips please, would really really appreciate!!! :D


  1. Can I share something as a dad?
    When it comes to bottles, better have bottles that only needs hot water rather than sterilization.
    To diapers, using disposable ones during travel is very adviceable even we are advocate of cloth diapering.
    When it comes to milk, you can have small packs like those in pouches. Like us, we bought in boxes and just bring one pouch during our trip.
    Furthermore, have separate bag for your kid when travelling. Organize it by placing the things you will need first on top.
    Hope these help.

  2. Wow! You're travelling with the bebe! :) That's great! I have not traveled with my toddler yet. Even my eldest, I only brought him to my trips when he was 5 years old. But as a rule though, same with Daddy Allan, I do bring smaller packs, disposables, and bottles that doesn't need any sterilization anymore. :) Have a happy trip sis! :) Good advice Daddy Allan! :)

  3. traveling with little tot is not east talaga.. I suggest you bring medicines..Happy trip...

  4. How about water on the first day trip? Or you are going to use the plain that's why you did not include it. Anyway, that's only what's on my mind now.

  5. When we had our first travel trip by air I had to slash off the rest of the things I usually bring when we travel by land. Like instead of the Sterilizer I packed a portable water heater and a bottle stand/strainer which is foldable. Since our trip was in the MM, I only packed milk containers with milk, feeding bottles with water, few diapers, then I purchased the rest we needed during the stay at Manila na.

    Of course don't forget the medicines for fever, cough and colds just in case. Overall on our first travel by air we only brought 2 luggage bags one for my son's stuffs then the other one for mine and Hubby's stuffs + 1 back pack with our son's feeding bottles, milk containers, extra clothes, diapers which we needed on transit.

  6. When it comes to travelling with toddlers, travelling light was impossible for me. I used to bring a lot-diapers, formula, clothes and sa isang gabi lang ang trip ha. I even used to bring bedsheets lol



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