Tuesday, May 14, 2013

instagram photodump #2 (Mar2013)

my boys.... :-)
Mar 09,2013

meetup with GE buddies!
Mar 11,2013

Buddy's pancit lucban!!! dont forget the suka!!
Mar 13,2013

Buddy's budin (cassave cake) is suuuuper love!
Mar 13,2013

Bannaple's Bannoffe pie...or what's left of it... hehe
Mar 14,2013

bike era na kami!!!!
Mar 16,2013
sangkatutak na turok for my allergies....
Mar 18,2013

practice maging kuya with our baby visitor...
Mar 23,2013

during palm sunday mass.... was so busy with his patched up "taxi"...
Mar 24,2013

lovin' the reflection
Mar 24,2013

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  1. Hello fellow promdi! :)
    Wish i have a baby boy too.



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