Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new year celeb!

new year in zamboanga city is supposed to be quieter dahil bawal ng bumili at magbenta ng paputok...to prevent those who were not able to move on from the gunshot sounds from the siege....it was quiet until 12mn.... it was crazy noisy in our area, where they got their firecrackers is a big question.... my paolo acted crazy, takot na takot.... so a minute before midnight he and daddyboo stayed inside the bedroom... hehehe

but hours before midnight we found out that mamang (who was in manila during the new year celeb) had a stash of fireworks in the bedroom.... kala ko pinuslit nya somewhere, but she later told us that this was from some new year back.... we played with it around 10pm kaya game na game pa ang paolo kasi walang ingay.... we tried to stop him from finishing everything para meron pa sa midnight pero ang ending e kami kami lang din ang ngubos dahil nga nagtago na sila ng daddyboo.... :-) what a way to welcome 2014.... :-) our giant baby however was soooo game, he stayed outside and enjoyed watching us light the rest of mamang's stash of fireworks.... :-)

oh and that calamansi with coins and etc na sinasabit sa door by midnight, i had it all prepared as bilin ni mamang, pero 15min before it was supposed to be hang, ang magaling na paolo e pinitas ang calamansi!!! hahaha panic mode to put it all together for midnight! new years are indeed celebrated better with kids around! :-)

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