Thursday, December 26, 2013

revisiting my 2013 wishlist....

ok here goes... im back here and it feels kinda weird.... my last post was August 24,2013!!! what war and crammed work (because of the war) can do.... it can kill your blog! hehehe just kidding... just making my usual excuses... but i miss this, i miss my little space... 2013 had gone way too fast! one minute i was very pregnant then i popped then it's war time in Zamboanga then the Bohol quake and the crazy Yolanda.... everything seems like a blur now... it feels numb that finally this crazy year's about to end.... but im still grateful about a million things... i just wanna go back and see how much of my wishlist i was able to hit (red font)... :-)

1.) push through with the trips planned as early as last year (with plane tix pa! hehe). my 2013 will be a little restricted in terms of travel because of the pregnancy so will just have to stick with a few already planned trips this year.... :-) 
    • a. CDO-Camiguin-Iligan with Kaladkarin (Feb!) - while this is supposed to be an action-filled trip, I will have to create 2 itineraries - one for the rest of the group who would still go white water rafting, zipline, hike and all, and another for my leisure trip because i'll be 5months pregnant by then... :-)
      • yey natuloy to!!! despite the hubby's protests with me bringing pao with us but nothing beats this girl's persistence. Pao enjoyed the trip so much!!! we all enjoyed the trip (except the daddyboo who kept on complaining kasi sya daw karga ke pao.. hehe)
    • b. Lakewood roadtrip with Kaladkarin (April!) - a 4-hr drive from Zamboanga City...hoping to bring paolo with us during this trip, and hoping i can still endure that 4hr drive (i'll be 7mos pregnant by then hehe)
      • didn't push through.... :-(
    • c. Luzon roadtrip with Leo's boys (Sept!) - pre-planned dahil may tix na! pero destination unknown pa rin! hahaha... although kakatapos lang ng maternity leave ko nito... go pa rin!!! or baka nga pasok pa sa maternity leave ko? haha :D pao's got his own tix too, this will be his pre-2nd bday celebration, dahil i want him to celebrate his new year someplace new to him... :-)
      • was actually dreaming of a beach trip up north (pagudpud or la union!), or at least baguio.... but everybody has their own plans so we got stuck in manila.... tried to make the most of it.... push for a visit to Ocean Park (my 2nd bday gift to paolo), then the boys had their own lakad so i went to see my girlfriends with paolo! and on the last day we were still undecided where to go (i objected to a trip to EK since it'll be too hot for a tot), so i just decided to spend mine and pao's last day with Kuya Uno and Tita Joy! nevermind my dream beach trip, the Ocean Park and playtime with kuya uno stuck with paolo to this time. :-)
    • d. Manila pre-christmas trip (Nov!) - although no tix pa, pero i want to be in Manila before the craziness of christmas and just in time when all the lights and decorations are up... want to bring the 2 kids na din... since my sis' family won't be coming home in december, we still have an excuse to have a pre-christmas date with them! :D
      • didn't get to buy us tix anymore so we were not able to go.... soooo inggit with kuya uno and ate chuchay playtime!
    • e. Attend Dianne's wedding!!! (Dec!!) - kahit na she missed my wedding, i want to be there during'll be a sort of mini-reunion for my GE girlfriends! quick trip pero will really save the date for this trip... :D
      • yey natuloy to!!! though didn't get to bond with the bride...t'was a fun little escape for mommyboo.... :-) and as usual crazy time with ex-GE pips (di applicable ang ex ke Ryan and Ezra hehehe)

2.) see to completion that one major project that me and the hubby set for ourselves. this is definitely big for us now, but it's already a need so we're really pushing for it... :-)
      - didn't push through.... will try to set again next year...

3.) a baby girl to complete the family!!! a little cheat here...i'm already pregnant so no more effort from us, just a little wish that it'll be a girl. we'll be able to find out a few more weeks from this post... but a baby boy is still a welcome gift to us! :-)
     - gave birth to a gwapito baby boy!!! it may not be my wish but we definitely adore our mateo!!! he's just to chinito and maputi for us though, became a joke as to us being his real parents hehehe :-)

4.) breastfeed!!! yes! i really want to breastfeed pao but since i had a little prob with some infection last time and the daddyboo can not resist but feed the baby with formula milk after crying his lungs out, pao ended up preferring the feeding bottles. i tried to pump milk for a month but that did not sustain im really really pushing for this for the coming baby, nobody touches the baby unless i say so! hehehe :D
    - wooooot!!! give me a good pat on the shoulder for this!!! i made it this time! though mateo was not in pure breastmilk but he was feeding from me for the most part of his first 2-3 months then at night time mostly until now... :-)

5.) create 20 blogposts every month for Promding Chamimay. ok, will really push myself to the limits for Promding Chamimay...hehe well actually i just want to make sure i get to document stuff around me as much as i can...i dont want to feel defeated with tons of "bloglog" at the end of the year... :D
     - now this... i deserve a big spanking! haha almost neglected Promding Chamimay the whole year!!!! :-( will try again next year...

6.) de-clutter and organize our room. we're not pushing through with overhauling the entire room yet because we decided to do the whole house, but that would still be a project for next year... considering there'll be 4 of us who will be living in that room this year so i just want to keep my sanity and make things organized around...  :D
     - this is still a work in progress.... though big progress had been made this year! we were able to put up a big wall cabinet and some shelves for our clutter.... just need to consistently keep it neat.... and i need pretty boxes too!!! must complete this next year...

7.) hit my work goals. i've got tons! aside from the company goals, i have a lot in my area too.. i guess i need to really get organize with these goals para kahit upto some extent e we'll reach something... :-)
   - cguro i've achieved some 30-40% :-( not my wish though, i still have so much in mind that i want to do but dont have the drive to.... i really felt the need to spend more time with the kids this year.

8.) lose 25% of my pregnancy weight by end of the year! haha! i am still hoping that i won't gain so much wait this far i have gained 10lbs during the 1st 4months of the pregnancy, hoping i will only stick to 25lbs reasonable weight gain for pregnant women... :D but whatever's the case, i'm trying not to be harsh on myself and will only target 25% weight loss by end of the year... :-) i'll lose the rest next year... :D
     - my weight loss had a really good momentum right after birth! iv reached up to 13.3%  (23lbs)....mainly because of breastfeeding which even got better because i cut down on rice and binge more on green veggies (the kangkong, kamote tops, saluyot, alugbati and malunggay kind of greens)... but since the zambo siege, i felt the need to eat to keep me energy at work.... since then been eating so much and had gained back 7lbs of what i lost.... :-( i need to start over after the holidays....

9.) balance work-school-blog-leo-pao-luna-me time...and procrastinate less! no further explanation... :D
     - not a good performer here too! i cut back on school load, cut back on non-finance related work at the office and devout my time to my area when im at work, and still i hear paolo say he misses mommy and daddy.... :-( must try some more next year!!!

10.) learn to bake! target: 3 recipes ulit. another chance on this... :-) if i'll keep no.9 i'm sure i'll be able to do this! hehehe :D hmn, let's see where to start... pandesal, cupcakes, cookies!
     - major fail!!!  but at least the oven was used this year, for heating food! hihihi and me trying to bake some tomatoes and recently eggplant with cheese and garlic powder.... not bad.... fingers crossed this shall be done next year. :-)
11.) double our savings and learn the stock market trading. with all the plans this year, including the major one...i'm having my fingers crossed for the savings... :D
     - this one's a fail too! well the savings was doubled (because it was sooo little at the end of last year! hihi) but i only achieved 50% of my target....and yes i have not started with the stock market still.... it was soaring this year and then went down (though not so much) and still im just an onlooker hehehe... 

12.) read 3books at least.  i'm dying to move on to Lasher and Taltos asap! that's 2 already... :-) i miss the feeling of being somewhere while reading, hope i can keep this one up this year... :-)
     - am i making unrealistic targets for myself??? hehehehe i cant even remember touching one book this year!!!! im sooooooo bad! try again next year hehehe...

13.) learn dress-pattern making. as if i won't be full with the list above plus the coming baby...hehehe i know this one's a long shot pero malay mo nga naman di ba... :-)
     - im still not losing hope.... i will learn you!!! :-)

i'll stick with just 13 (for 2013! haha corny!)... but this list's already looks loaded for me, i guess this is more than enough... :D wish me luck!!! 

despite the "i fail" points, there are still a lot of biggie achievements!!! this year is not your ordinary year anyway..... what with fearing for yours and your family's life, with feeling hopeless that you'll lose your hometown, with all the sadness for all the people who's lives are changed forever in the visayas after the quake and yolanda..... 2013 is definitely one extraordinary year for all of us.... for those touched by all that's happened, im sure we are forever changed too.... felt that "in your face" slap of what our reality is today... that it's never the same with the years back, and it will continue to be evolving... we just need to stay resilient and adapt with all the smile we can muster!

human beings are indeed a curiously great invention by Him. :-) though why or what for.... i dunno, and i dont want to spend the rest of my life trying to know anymore... one thing i appreciate about this life now is that how wonderful things spring in whatever situation, and how curiously love solves almost anything. :-) i have wasted most part of my life already trying to stay on the benches and just content myself to watch while others dive in to life and try to feel all the feelings they can and learn as much as they can in every situation they're in (because im way too scared to be hurt to join in).... i wanna be part of that plungers now too.... i will.... with my boys.... :-) i want them to take in as much as they can from life. :-) 


  1. happy new yer, charm!
    hope to finally meet you in 2014

    1. same here maqui! hope to meet you this year too! :-)



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