Saturday, October 5, 2013

instagram photodump #9 (september 2013)

im in loooove.... sooooo inlove...♥♥♥

paolo @ 1yr 10mos 23days
mateo @ 2mos 20days
September 01,2013

umn...kid excuse me...ur in my frame...its my turn now with jobee..@2mos 20daysSeptember 01,2013

oooohhh that smirk.... i think i saw that before with paolo too..tita lelang!

@2mos 20days
September 01,2013

seryosong nanonood ke jobee dance..

September 03, 2013

bagong gising....waiting for tita joy and kuya uno.. 

September 05, 2013
pao @ 1yr 10mos 27days

finally natapos din ang hiyaan moment...looooove!!!

September 05, 2013
pao @ 1yr 10mos 27days

car play!!! eto ang orig na choco at gatas namin....hihi ♥♥♥♥

September 07, 2013
pao @ 1yr 10mos 29days

boys.... ♥♥♥

September 07, 2013
pao @ 1yr 10mos 29days

common interest.... playing with construction trucks... 

September 08, 2013
pao @ 1yr 10mos 30days

mamat mornings na ulit after we left him for 4days.... 

@2mos 28days
September 09,2013

good morning!!! despite that 1bomb sound... we believe that his will end today!!!

September 11, 2013

kuya papao ang incharge sa mamat....  mahmee and daddyboo going out in a while n naman....

paolo @ 1yr 11mos 6days
mateo @ 3mos 2days
September 15,2013

good morning!!! bleh! 

@3mos 2days
September 14,2013

getting good na si kuya papao sa pgaalaga sa mamat... ♥♥♥

paolo @ 1yr 11mos 17days
mateo @ 3mos 14days
September 26,2013

playtime! ♥♥♥

@3mos 16days
September 28,2013

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