Sunday, March 30, 2014

paseo run!

since we promised that we'll have a paseo trip dahil weeks na since their last, we still went there kahit past 7pm na and mateo is obviously sleepy na...

we opted the open area than the usual spot na tinatambayan nila with lola ang lolo.... since its such an open space e walang pakundangan din ang papao sa pagtakbo! :-) to the amusement (?) and pagod ng mga titabels and ate jean! :D

pardon the mismatched baggy red shorts and teal shirt, eto yung napala ng winiwiwian ang nagiisang dalang shorts! hehe :D he doesn't look like a 2year old anymore... makes me sad and amazed at the same time....

titabels trying to fix his big shorts... pero pinapahirapan pa rin sila sa paghabol! hehehe

owning the place much sweetheart??? 

i'm not sure what he's thinking when he sat beside that kid then just stand up again...i tried to ask him why he did that and he just said "upo ako sa tabi ng bata"....

more habulan.... :-)

and when i got hold of him he asked me to carry him... napagod din!!! pero saglit na downtime lang pala to! hehehe

....and we were on a running spree again!

when he noticed that we were just all staying in one place, he found a grassy part (dahil halos wala ng damo sa area na yun!!!) and played his current fave: "playing dead"

hangkuuuuuliiiiiittttt!!!!! :-)

round 2!!!!

we were about to go home when the kuyaboo still requested to go to the sides where he can see the waters.... so cge pagbigyan....
...and while all of that is happening, mateo was sooooo tulog he missed all the fun! :D

created and posted: May 26, 2014

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