Saturday, March 15, 2014

pao luto at dyesebel

here's the latest craze.... lutu-lutuan and dyesebel! it's not a boy's game i know.... but the lutu-lutuan im ok and the dyesebel so totally not! ehehe

the cooking materials: lola's pot for plants inside the house; a pestle, a toy golf club, some cloth

the plant pot serve as the cooking pot, and the pestle the stove.... the toy golf club his sandok...

and mamat's sandals as the secret ingredient.... :-)

and the kuya suddenly appeared and then this.....oh no talaga!!!

si dyesebel daw sya! waaaahhh freak out ang daddyboo! hahaha

shock lang si mamat!

created and  posted : April 19, 2014

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