Sunday, March 2, 2014

first sa wigwam country

the jolibee trip this sunday was not enough.... nabitin sa play area kasi dumami na kids na mahaharot pa.... so we decided to head to Pasonanca.... usually Butterfly Garden ang tambay with the kids pag Pasonanca.... pero grabe lang sa hirap mghanap ng parking, lahat ata ng taga-zamboanga na buraot na sa blackout e nasa labas lahat, and marami e nasa Butterfly garden.... hehehe so i told daddyboo to head straight to the Wigwam park which is also in Pasonanca, somehow near butterfly garden (Camp Atilano technically but i love to call it the wigwam park hehe...oh that's where the famous Zamboanga Tree House is located)

eksenang sasakyan....dahil nasiraan pa ang gulong along the way.... so to keep the kids entertained, picture and harutan muna...

and the paolo chose to finish mommy's coke float!!! urgh!

sun was already nowhere in sight, preparing for its last hurrah for the day when we arrived at the wigwam country.... but we still had enough daylight time to run around and give the kids that adrenaline boost.... it was paolo's first here (well 2nd, the first was when he was still inside my tummy hehehe).... i think he got too overwhelmed with the flat grassy (umn fallen leaves this time) space to run to his heart's content that he blurted out "ang ganda ganda dito mommy! ang saya saya!" while running... :-)

we even went down to the campfire area where he can climb up and down and run and shout all he want.... this time he was shouting his prayer with daddyboo before sleep ("i pray through your son, Jesus Christ. Amen!!!") repeatedly!

compulsary group pic! since tita lelang was the one holding the camera the whole time, wala sya dito...hehe

i love mateo's expression here! good capture tita lelang!

syempre di palalagpasin ang pagpasok sa loob ng isang wigwam! Baby was shouting "Hello anybody here?".... susyal! haha to which pao was also trying to immitate.... made me smile dahil ambilis nyang pumickup ng new words.... and proper pa ang pronunciation!

paolo's playmate everytime we're at my inlaws... na lagi nyang kinakawawa.... but at least improving na lately, no more gigil bites!

created and posted: April 03, 2014

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