Saturday, March 8, 2014

it's lego season!

the kuyaboo was feeling a bit better after 2doses of antibiotics for his tonsilitis.... :-) so it's back to playtime at home!!!

these big building blocks that tita lelang and tita buding gave pao during his first birthday are the preferred toy these days.... we make helicopters and strada and cars and houses and teapots with cups with it.... depends on what crosses the kuyaboo's imagination.... it's all cars for the mateo for now, complete with the running engine sound! :-) was a fun lego day until kuyaboo saw mommy's phone and wanted to play his puzzles (urgh! hate it when he chooses to play with the phone)

as always, mateo would want what kuyaboo plays with..... and then you know the story, kuyaboo, in his "everything i see is mine" stage would not share....

and so its lego cars for mateo again.....

they are having worlds of their own....

my favorite.... may baliw kasi sa likod....

and got bored with lego kaya pouch ni mommy ang pinagtripan.... si kuya kasi boring kalaro!

finally! binitiwan din ang phone and went back to real play! :-) and yes that's a book, a stuffed toy, and a thermometer in his bike's basket.... :D

created and posted: April 10, 2014

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  1. ang cuties ng babies mo!! I was thinking kung gaano ba kahirap ang toddler na baby boy. I will be having mine prolly next year na kasi. Waaahh..



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