Friday, March 21, 2014

BRA Art Exhibit at Lantaka Hotel

CMZ had launched back in February (or was it January hehe) the B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Project... aimed at increasing awareness of our locals re breast cancer and its early detection.... :-) i may have not participated actively throughout the project duration, but i'm glad i was 100% in it during the unveiling of the exhibit at Lantaka Hotel and the big bra outdoor installation at CMZ at the end of the day. :-)

So we gathered used bras for almost 2months from all over zamboanga city and from friends from other cities (and countries) who are willing to help us with all the bras needed for the art installation.... at the end of the project we have more than enough!!! :-)

and part of the project was to ask CMZ staff and partner establishments to design their own bras which will be included in the art installation or will be in a separate exhibit. :-) the masterpieces were awesome! i am pleased with my photos of the bras during the ribbon cutting in Lantaka but not with the photos i took of the final art installation in front of CMZ.... so im sharing some photos from the art exhibit for now (beware of major photodump! but one that's pleasing to the eyes hehe):


we had our former AO and now Regional Director of DOT-9 June Bugante and Councilor Myra for the Ribbon cutting... that's our CEO and Medical Director on the left and the artist who conceptualized the whole project (Tawasil)

created and posted: April 25-26,2014

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