Friday, March 7, 2014

ER visit

although i'm working in the healthcare industry, i'm not the kind of mom who would resort to the doctor with just a little sneeze or cough.... we don't resort to commercial medicines right away either, we try to solve health issues with basics firsts..... but when your kid had a 38-40 fever for 2nights without any signs of the cause (no cough or colds, no wound, etc.) off the the emergency room we go  (because it's after work and no clinics to at least put us at east after 5pm hehe).... 

Although i've been communicating with his pedia through text, and we were already suspecting tonsilitis, I can not find a tongue depressor so i can force to take a peep on his tonsils.... we then decided to take the kuyaboo for a quick check at the hospital emergency room where i work.  And true indeed, it was his nasty tonsilitis that's causing the fever scare.... at least that calmed me a bit, antibiotics for 7days and we're good to go.... no more chocolates and ice cream for the kuyaboo!

after we're done and lab tests look ok, we headed at the wards to visit Pareng Gelo.... too sad he needed confinement so he won't get too dehydrated.... but that little dude is a toughy, so he's also out a day or 2 after.... 

sigh.... one of the booboos of mommyhood.... as much as you want to keep your calm, it is impossible when it's something you can not explain logically right away... hehe

created and posted: April 10, 2014

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