Sunday, March 23, 2014

bumblebee mania!

 this little boy had fallen in love with bumblebee after his daddyboo showed him videos from the transformers movie.... and mommy is sooo giddy how his imagination can actually help him turn some parts of his toys and himself into bumblebee!!!
uy pumayag magpapicture!!! may emote mode pa... :-)

bumblebee in action!!!

and then he met a mad scientist (ok gawa gawa na si mommy ng kwento, masali lang si mamat sa frames hihihihi)

who offered him a powerful weapon!!!

kaya sinubukan na agad!!!

pero mukhang nalowbat na....

kaya ngluto na lang si bumblebee!!! heeheehee!!!

created and posted: April 28,2014

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