Wednesday, March 12, 2014

0.75yo birthday ng mateo

time flies so fast indeed!!! we're done with Mateo's first 3 quarters already!!! so here's to celebrating his 0.75yo birthday!!!

mesmerized pa rin sa candle light.... but later gusto na rin nyang mgblow.... :-)

ang official candle blower sa bahay.... :-) he got so used to this monthly birthday celebration of mateo that he asked mommy where mateo's cake is in the morning.... :D made me wonder, he also knows to keep track of time??? because nobody told him it's mateo's monthly birthday that day!

someone's loving his birthday cake!!!

there's just an overflowing supply of brother hugs in our home! <3 font="">

blackout playtime!!!

there are times that kuyaboo doesn't want to share toys with mateo but he wants mateo to be around although they play separately.... :-) im soooo in love with these two.... :D

stealing a kiss from mateo again kuyaboo!!!

blackout is usually 2hours.... so it's playing in the dark while its not bedtime yet...

and kuyaboo remembered his "dyesebel" game.... grabbed his towel and asked that it be wrapped around his lower body.... crazy kiddo!

lagot ka ke daddy!!! hahaha

here's a scene stealer.... mateo was the one who noticed the squirmish near the light.... when i try to look closer it was of 2 lizards mating!!! first time to see lizards mate! haha big deal!

created and posted: April 12, 2014

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