Saturday, March 29, 2014

summer launch sa bahay!

we have officially launched our summer!!! decided to put up the pool mommyla gave paolo last birthday and was almost in it the whooole day! :-)

this is mateo's first to be in a pool that is just mateopata-level was a nice little experiment for mommy to see if he would be as daring as kuyaboo! :-) let the photos show what happened! :D

was a scaredy cat at first....doesn't want to sit down.... and doesn't want to let go of mommy....
starting to get the hang of it.... umupo na rin finally!!! water's around his chest level when he sits down....

enjoying the water already but still wants to be held by mommy...

while the kuyaboo is all over the pool.... mukhang boring for kuya kasi super babaw! haha even below his knee lang! he's used to the pool na hanggang chin nya at kelangan pa nyang magtiptoe... :-)

kuyaboo encouraging mamat.... finally ngdare ng lumayo ke mommy at umupo sa gitna.... :-)

was having fun na!!! nilulublob pa ang mukha which freaks me out!!!

at nakikipagharutan na rin with kuyaboo!!! though im really a freakout freak lalo na pag binubuhusan ni kuya ng tubig ang mamat... or if si kuya na ang aggressive sa harutan nila.... :-)

too comfortable already ha baby??? :-)

and oh yes he crawls around since water is just around his chest when he's in this position.... :-) brave kids!!! proud momma!! :D

he discovered that he can stand up and walk around the pool holding on the sides.... iv lost count how many times he went around! :-)

duck face!!! loooove!!!

mommy heart always melts dahil sa sweetness ng 2 na to sa isa't isa... though laging nag-aagawan sa laruan pero when they hug and kiss.... awwwww... im confident they'll be the best friends ever! :-)

mateo was the first to give up.... gusto na ng dudu! sleep time na rin kasi.... but the kuyaboo...ayaw paawat! :D

behind the scenes! while we're trying to fill the pool with water.... merong batang makulit!!!!

created and posted: May 17, 2014

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