Monday, March 24, 2014

tita lelang on a monday night

tita lelang at our home on a monday night is something soooooo unusual and is worth a blogpost! hehehe she was asked by daddyboo to drive his motorcycle home from my in-laws while he drives the car home... how 2 vehicles were at my in-laws, i can no longer remember... hehehe she went ahead while the daddyboo picked me up from work so she had some playtime with the boys.... paolo entertained him the whole time! kwento ng tita lelang, while they were seating at our steps she blurted "ang tagal naman nina daddy mo pao!" to which paolo responded (while caressing her back) "awwww wawa tita!" 

she stayed pa after we arrived so we had a little harutan pa...
mateo's look trying to watch our nursery rhymes.... kuyaboo is blocking the view kasi.... soooo adorbs! :-)

that chubby face..... please tell me how to stop myself from making gigil kisses to these cheeks!!!.... :-)

kuyaboo blocking the view.... :-)

riot lang.... kulit ng talon talon ni kuya!

warzone ang mga beds.... :-)

pillow fight!!! :-)

created and posted: April 29, 2014

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