Saturday, March 29, 2014

PaoIsla Moment: 2nd series

whenever possible, i let paolo play with Isla (my Canon D20) so he'll be trained to take nice photos!!! and well hoping i would be able to let him hold a camera and document the world from his perspective.... :-) 

here's a second set..... :-) (first one is here: PaoIsla v1)

that's supposed to be a "Strada" made out of his big lego blocks

this could have been a good one! pero ng dahil sa daliri nya (pansin nyo rin sa ibang photos? hehehe ever present!!) napa-macro tuloy ang camera.... :-)

blurred naman this time... practice pa.... (pinasmile nya ako na labas ang ngipin dito!)

created and posted: May 19, 2014

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