Thursday, March 27, 2014

youtube time!

it was around this time that we have started to go gaga over youtube videos na ulit! kuyapao still hooked with his most exciting videos of tractors and dump trucks and garbage trucks and loaders and fire trucks, etc.! although most of the time we were into nursery rhymes which makes mamat soooo giddy and oh sooo cutie! :-)
what's on here? kuya pao's favorite truck videos... trucks loading stuff, trucks stuck in deep mud, trucks transferring stuff, etc!

sometimes a truck video would make mamat interested....

...and sometimes not. so he would opt to be kuya's kulit while watching his trucks!

until he finds out mommy's phone is available and would go for it.... to which kuya is also interested and leave the video watching to make kulit with the mamat this time!

back to youtube watching.... :-)

and then be distracted again by nose picking and some kalat ni mommy sa bed! :-)

i feel so blessed to have nights like this almost every night im home early!!! looove!

created and posted: May 02, 2014

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