Wednesday, March 26, 2014

first shots ni ISLA!

when my Io (Canon D10) got busted last year i replaced him with Luna (Canon G15).... she's a pretty, and take really good photos even during low light which i really really really love! but i still feel helpless when shooting wet.... so after a year of contributing in out K-funds and still no lakwatsa, i decided to use the money i saved to buy ISLA! (Canon D20)

welcome to the family sweetheart!!! :-) she's my 5th already!

went to run with the K's after work that day so i also decided to bring Isla for some test run too! hehe :-) she's not so good during low lights but very handy! :D

created and posted: May 02, 2014


  1. is the g15 a DSLR? Hehehe. Cool photos huh! =)

    1. hello! not sya DSLR...point&shoot pa rin sya pero quality ng DSLR na yung photos nya...and you can manipulate settings na rin the same way with DSLR.... :-)

      thanks pala for regularly visiting my blog hehe



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