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meet The Bread Warrior!

here's something i'm still sooooo giddy about.... i had been in zamboanga since June2009 and i'm desperate to find something nice and beyond ordinary around here.... when it comes to food, except for the satti and chicken pianggang and jelly citea's paris and country chicken's grilled salmon...i always end up wanting more... so when i saw Dr. Jennifer Araneta's post about her new bread discovery I immediately check the site too! the bread photos are so mouth watering... i initially thought it's another online shop that's only good in photos...and then i saw Dr.Araneta's own photo of it and i'm convinced to try.... :-) i bought a lot on my first! haha i can't imagine how we'll finish it at home, so i left one box of dinner rolls in the office so everybody else can try too... :D

meet The Bread Warrior: David Burke!

I bought a lot on my first purchase... and was shocked to see a foreigner opening my office door when all my staff are out for lunch... and we had a little conversation:

  • he started telling me about the bread.... how he bakes it and the material he uses. he buys his flour from Manila, because according to him flour available locally are from Indonesia which is not the kind of flour he would use to be able to make really quality bread.
  • i asked him what made him decide to sell really good bread? he told me he had been trying to look for good bread in Zamboanga but is always frustrated with the airy bread available. but since he's a cook and had manage some restos back in Canada before he decided to try baking and selling bread. i told him that i'm too maarte with bread here too... and so far it's Auntie Nitz and National Bakery bread only for me here.... but that too did not pass him. You would know why once you'll try his bread.... quality is waaayy too far. :-)
  • the curious me can not stop myself from asking him why he's actually in Zamboanga City (of all places! for a Canadian! - i asked him that too! just curious hehe)...he told me he lives with his Filipina wife and kids here... 
  • also asked him if he intends to open a bakeshop later so his bread will be more accessible to many... he told me he prefers the order basis so he bakes and delivers the bread fresh! and that it's actually nice meeting his bread followers. :-)

the following are my first purchases...and are still my favorites! (photos are from The Bread Warrior website)

Country Style Dinner Rolls! If only i'm not on a diet, i can finish 2-3 in one sitting! hehehe slightly sweet and super siksik! waaayyyy better than the dinner rolls you see in hotel buffets... :D

Honey Oat Whole Wheat Bread. The best wheat bread you'll find around the city. the loaf may look small but it's heavy. siksik kumabaga! ("Diabetic Friendly". We have eliminated all sugar and lightly sweetened this bread with all natural local honey to give it a taste that everyone loves. This wholesome and nutritious bread has ingredients that include 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Australian Oatmeal, Bran Fibre, and All Natural Local Honey. - from TBW site)

Yiddish Challah Bread. looks great with its braided look and tastes good too! The site says its perfect for french toast.... haven't tried doing one, but will...soon! :-)

and the chocolate cake which i reserved trying until my birthday (2wks frm the day i first ordered)...and the wait's totally worth the wait.... :-) not too sweet and the icing has this lemony feel which makes it unique. :-)

some of my first buys.... naloka sila sa bahay nung inuwi ko ang sangkatutak na bread hehehe :D

box of dinner rolls! a bite is not enough... kahit mabigat mauubos mo talaga ang isa and you'll sneak one more.... :-)

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  1. David's comment in my FB: Wow! .. Thanks for blogging about The Bread Warrior .. Charm. Kinda fun to read your thoughts. Just a fast note, it is the Whole Wheat Flour that I get shipped down from Manila. The hard wheat flour that is available locally is OK as long as it is 1rst Class, so I buy this here in Zambo but always check it to ensure that it is the actual 1rst Class flour. The reference I made about Indonesia was regarding the Vikor vegetable shortening that almost all bakeries here in The Philippines use to make the bread "creamy". I do not and will not use this product in any of the Bread Warrior breads, etc. as it is not suitable for creating a great tasting bread. I do use it to grease the pans and that's about all it is worth using it for. For Bread Warrior breads it is always pure 100% natural butter or Canola oil that is used in the actual doughs and batters. At the end of the day, the quality of any baked product is directly related to the quality of the ingredients. At The Bread Warrior our mantra, mission, life's work is to bake only the best products with the best ingredients. We aren't perfect by any means, but we start at the right place by using good quality ingredients. We are so happy with the fantastic support that we have received from the Zamboanga community. A big THANK YOU to every supporter who has taken their valuable time to tell others about us. We look forward to building a place in the Zamboanga community and promise you all that we will do our best to deliver great handmade home baked just-for-you Bread Warrior products. Gotta go ... time to bake the bread! David TBW




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