Sunday, March 2, 2014

first time sa jobee play area ng mateo!

we had the babyboo in jobee several times already.... but this is the first time i'm daring to let him play at the play area....well at least when we got there there were just a few kids, not rowdy so its safe.... i let him join kuyaboo and baby play since both are still scared with going up to the slides so they were all just near us...

started letting go of him on this net

feeling too comfortable already! :-)

so far this is the only rowdy kid in site.... hehehe

but he adores the mateo soooo much! how sweet can you get with that kiss!!!

he plays coos with the mat as if he's an adult hehehe sweetness overload!

but when it comes to toys, mateo has to struggle with the kuyaboo hihihi boys will boys and toddlers will be toddlers hehe

got the area all to himself!! horay!!!

another kid adores him too! si Baby lang yan hehehe

our fries and burgers arrived just in time we decided to leave the play area because a group of rowdy kids from a birthday party in one of jobee's function place went out to play...

i can not... for the life of me.... get over this photo! parang tagabundok lang ang anak ko! hahaha oh and that's catsup he sips! crazy kid!

from another angle.... while the mateo watches with fries all over his mouth hehe

daddyboo-pao moments.... they have to go out and look at the backhoe at the nearby KCC Mall construction....

and here...they're arguing about the moth on the other side of the glass.... hehehe

created and posted: April 01, 2014

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