Tuesday, July 10, 2012

pao's first blanket tent on bed

last sunday, we had a perfect rainy weather to just be lazy around the house and play and eat and sleep... and the babyboo was sooo happy he had everyone in this house the whole day... 

we were playing wrestling when the daddyboo thought of creating a tent for the baby with his favorite soccer blanket (which used to be tita joy's by the way).... t'was fun playing this again... haha! the babyboo was really enjoying himself inside the tent, until after 10min or so because he gets bored that quick... but it was still a fun 10minutes, brought back a lot of childhood memoreis... rainy days back then also meant blanket tents all over the bed... there was never a blanket without holes in its corners in our house before... :D

dear lord, please slow down the time a bit, this little buddy here is turning into a tot way too fast for mommy to catch up... :-)


  1. My son and I loves staying under blanket tents too especially when he was younger.

  2. family time is always awesome!
    Kudos to you and your daddyboo for doing a great job as parents! :)

  3. blanket tents never grow old, but little pao is growing up fast na! =D

    1. true! ambilis nga! raisie!!! il blog about the necklace pagkasuot ko sa wedding next week ha? am soooo excited! haha :D

    2. sureness! i wanna see how you styled it! =D

  4. I think this is a common scenario when one is young. I remembered playing this too when I was little. Even my nephews and niece enjoy making tents out of blanket. Then we use a flashlight to add enjoyment.

    By the way, would you like us to follow each other? Take care :D

  5. it seems he hate to be disturbed with his enjoyment for a photo on the last photo :)



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