Thursday, July 12, 2012

kusina xprmnt: cabbage-okra medley

here's a simple recipe i learned from a former officemate... it's soooo simple anybody can whip this up... but if you're into okra you might not be able to appreciate this... this is definitely going to be part of my diet plan... cheap, easy, and filling.. :-)

some nutrition facts for the ingredients (trying to convince myself cabbage is nutrients-filled hehe):

here's how simple this recipe is

1 cabbage
7pcs okra
1 red onion
1 teaspoon olive oil

1) cut the onion, cabbage and okra as shown in the picture.
2) saute the onion until it looks caramelized. 
3) add in the cabbage and okra. continue stirring until cooked.

Remember: DO NOT PUT SALT, PEPPER or ANYTHING ELSE. the combination of the natural taste of the onion, cabbage and okra will give this medley the kick! :D

by the way, got this recipe from Ezra who also got the idea from Ray Labay. :-) thanks you guys! miss ya much!


  1. Lucky you as you get to eat these veggies without getting any incredible nasty side effects. =(

  2. i love okra! :) this is something new..

  3. This is good especially if the okra is freshly pick from garden.

  4. gusto ko yan.. fave ko ang okra..:)

  5. I love everything with okra. It was just lately that I discovered through surfing that this veggie helps in bowel movement. Try eating it plain (boiled in water), masarap din :D

  6. Ano lasa niyan? OMG I am such a veggie hater :c

    I would love you to visit my blog and let me know if you want a follow back and link exchange. Do let me know what name you used to follow :)

  7. I like that it's healthy and easy to make :). Who knows, maybe even my daughter will like it?

  8. This looks so healthy and really easy to whip up! :D Too bad though I don't really like eating okra because of its texture. I'll give this a try though, maybe I'll have a change of heart.. :)

  9. I love both cabbage and okra. I uses to sautee lang ito pareho but for okra, I use to cook it fried with chicken as "sahog". It's yummy!

  10. It looks really good and healthy but unfortunately I am not a fan of okra. :)

  11. wow puro veggies lang! would love to try it too! thanks for sharing. :)

  12. I don't eat Okra before. But I had to learn eating it because my husband love Okra. I will definitely try this one out for him to taste. Thanks for sharing too.

  13. Another new healthy recipe. This is good fiber source.

  14. Hi Charm, been looking for your blog for so long. Finally, I found it! :)
    Nice to know that you're having a good one with your little boy. Keep it up! :)

    Btw, this is Mommy Sha if you can still remember. :)

  15. Hi Charm, been looking for your blog for so long. Finally, I found it.
    Happy to know that you're having a good one with your bebe. How's the party preparation for your baby boy? Keep me posted. :)

    BTw, this is Sha of KikayMommySha (if you can still remember). :)



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