Sunday, May 16, 2010

durian coffee @ Blugre Cafe,Davao

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as if the Bajada durian stuffing was not enough, we went to Blugre cafe to experience durian-flavored coffee. they're serving coffee with bits of durian! :D i know im not gonna like it because its durian so i ordered white mocha instead. :-) but one of these days, il bring someone who would let me have one sip to check out how it is... i just find it impractical to buy one cup then not finish it because i dont like it... :D hehehe

i super like their tagline for their Durian Gatchpuccino... the king of coffees... coffee that tastes like heaven PERIOD! hehehe :D i really wish i can vouch for that... but i need to conquer the repulsion im getting when it comes to Durian... hehe :D

you may want to include trying their Durian Gatchpuccino in your to do's during your Davao trip! :D

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Bluegre cafe is just a local cafe with that ambiance and touch of the international coffee shops that we all love and got so used to.... It was founded in 1998 by husband and wife Gatchi and Larcy Gatchalian. BluGre Coffee now has three branches. One in Landco Corporate Center (i think this is where we went..), another in Matina Town Square (MTS), and lastly at SM City Davao.

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Sir Kent was the only one who tried it... :D he still has some tummy space for the Durian coffee hehehe :D

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aside from the White Mocha, i also love their chocolate cake... it's the "melts in your mouth" kind!!! :D i'm really raving over this! :D was too ecstatic after the first bite that i forgot to take a closeup pic of the cake before its gone :D hehehe must try too!

Bluegre Coffee Shop
Landco Building, Bajada St.
Davao City
24 April 2010

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