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balangay - the comeback sa zambo! :D

i've been follower of this voyage eversince i've read about this in Anton Diaz's blog, specially since i've found out that zamboanga city is one of their stops! (perfect timing since i've moved back in zambo too!)....

i was in Dipolog when they first reached zamboanga city last Feb2010... i was really happy after finding out that they will be staying for a few more days pending repair of Diwata ng Lahi i would get the chance to see the balangays and take photos! :D went to Naval base with my dude for that! hehehe here's my photos from that visit: balangay sa zambo part1

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was really ecstatic after finding out from Mam June that they're back in zamboanga and will be staying for 2weeks until start of their Southeast Asia journey! :-) they are parked in Paseo del Mar since staying at the Naval base would be unwise if they're heading to Basilan later (well primarily because of wind direction and stuff as they say hehe). here's the view from outside Paseo...

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coin-diving badjaos were aplenty at Paseo del Mar as always.... i love how they're giving me additional subjects for my photos hehehe :D (also lovin' the reflection on the bench of the girl in red hehe)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic the Rotary Club of Zamboanga had been helping the Balangay crew even during their first stop here... Mam June helped us to know someone from the crew so we can hop and take photos on top of the Balangay! :D super thanks mam june!!! but we have to brave this wooden plank so we can hop aboard! i was the one holding the cam so you lucky ladies you owe me big time for this hehehe...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic here's one shot! saya!!! juvee was really kinikilig that we get to be on board... was really giggling while we were taking this photo hehehe

Image and video hosting by TinyPic here's more on-board photos! :D the girl in blue sando is Carina! the only girl in the crew... we were referred to her by Mam June so we can hop on. :-) she was also one of the 3 Filipinas who were able to climb Mt. Everest's summit. :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic here's the 2 balangays. the one on the left is Masawa Hung Butuan, she was built in Butuan and joined the expedition since last December 2009. The one on the right is Diwata ng Lahi. She started her journey from Manila Bay last September2009... take note that these balangays were built out of wood only. and no nails, just wooden pegs to connect the wood!:-)

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according to Sir Lito, this beauty (Diwata ng Lahi) had already weathered 7 typhoons! from Ondoy to Pepeng to Urduja and more.... good job girl! :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic i was with these CMZ kaladkarins! i was really decided to go visit the 2 balangays but my dude cant go out... i'm just glad it's easy to convince these ladies to go hehehe :D that's Kathy, Juvee, Edsel and me (clockwise from top). :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic we need to take this shot because Kathy didnt brave the wooden plank and have a photo with the Balangay. :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic this is Sir Lito... :-) he was really nice entertaining us for 2hours!!! telling us stories about all their adventure from Manila (he was from the original team from manila). he even told us about their ordeal from Sarangani to Zambo City... how they paddled the whole time because there was no wind to blow their sail... or if ever there's any it's going the other way...he told us of the moment that they really thought they would be kidnapped somewhere in Saranggani and how they got away from it.... he told us about big waves, rain, and all the challenges they've encountered mid-sea. :-) it was a really entertaining talk Sir! i've got many questions answered! i envy your adventure!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic this is their baller (he wrapped it around his cellphone that's why it doesnt look like one here)... they're selling it for Php50... more of a fund-raising for them... a Php50 purchase can already help them buy a kilo of rice! so anyone reading this and are still in zambo.. you might want to have one! it's a cool souvenir from this historical voyage... they would be heading to Malaysia then go up to countries along the way and end up in Shanghai, China before they'll head back to Manila.

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an artsy attempt to capture Masawa Hung Butuan's side

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this guy here is Mr. Toto Calo of the Tourism office of Butuan. i remember him from my first visit to the balangay in Naval base... we were taking a photo with him and some other crew, we were supposed to do a right thumbs up pose (a sign for their Kaya ng Pinoy theme), he was on my left so he saw my left thumbs up (when i was doing a 2 thumbs up!)... he immediately put my left hand down... right lang daw kasi! ehehehe. he was really nice to entertain other people in Paseo and told them stories about the story of the Balangay and the story of their expedition. :-)

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sir lito had been talking with us for more than 2hours that we realized it was getting dark already... here's a shot of how it is to be in the balangay at night. :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic a photo with Sir again. :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic on our way out we saw these kids... :D they're from our billing team... i just need to include their photo here hehehe :D

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kaya ng pinoy!!! i wish i would be able to watch your sendoff... i wish i can take photos during start of your southeast asia adventure! or better i wish i can have a quick ride too! hehehe :D

Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City
02 May 2010

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