Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 targets

im not sure why im not as excited as last year when preparing this now.... but i dont want to hate myself at the end of the year for not having documented some targets (im OC like that pero tinotopak lang ngayon).... anyways, let's try some 15 for 2015:

  1. big school for paolo! - he's more than 3 now, and i think it's about time we start real school this year....
  2. play school for mateo - im not sure if il be able to find one around August-November... but let me keep my fingers crossed... im assuming he'll be talking like crazy by that time, and since kuya is already at school he might also be interested...
  3. revive my boy's shoot and monthly family shoot - i wanted that glamored-taken-by-a pro kind of family shoot last year... but then, thinking about the cost (which i can just use to buy more stocks!!! hehe) and how orchestrated that will be, i just think coming up with a monthly or at least a quarterly kind of family shoot where we're all dressed up would be nice.... i just need to train our ate jean (pao's yaya). I also want to revive my boy's regular monthly shoot before, but need to change some things, need them not on the bed anymore! hehe and oh i might be able to proceed with the one where they wear their dad's polo during our wedding... :-)
  4. regular date nights for me and daddyboo - we seem to be all caught up and enjoying the boys so much, we barely have our alone time last year... sana ze daddyboo will agree! :-)
  5. ORGANIZE!!! im just a too messy kind of mom... hehehe and i want to be more realistic with target for our home this year, this is the most doable and will be the only. :-) i am soooo sure we won't be able to do major changes in the house, but at least i need to do some work around... must create a system to organize 1) room, 2) kitchen, 3) boy's toys. :-) goodluck!
  6. Trip to Manila with the Boys. Because I don't want a year to pass without my boys and their cousins seeing each other. Since Mateo is now a toddler, and Paolo is really appreciating things already (which I hope he will remember later), I want them to experience Manila.
  7. Adventure trip with Kaladkarin. Fingers crossed talaga for this one! kahit Victoria lang please!!! :-) it's extra challenge for me specially since the 2 boys are so demanding that mommy's sunday is theirs... and an extra challenge since Edsel is gone most weekends because of school...
  8. Stock Trading. I initially told myself i will just buy stocks and leave it there for years.... but the daily monitoring im doing made me realize i can actually try to fast track earning by doing actual trading... so must try if this is feasible, i just need to make sure i will be gaining. :-)
  9. AFPSLAI. - sigh, this is 2 years late already, must open an account asap! :-)
  10. lose 35lbs! (15 freakin kilos!!!). at the start of 2014 i said i will have to lose 35lbs, i ended up gaining 10lbs more! yikes!!! so let me try this again... :-)
  11. Updated Promding Chamimay. i was hitting it at the start of 2014, but work took my time away from Promding Chamimay... let me try again this year.... i just need to make sure i get to document my boys. Earning from the blog won't hurt too!
  12. Dress Making. So i was finally successful with my baking wish last year... and im still on a roll with it now... let me try another love wish this time...after that baking success i just feel that nothing's impossible for me! hihi
  13. DRIVE!!! i have the feeling the hubby is silently trying to delay my learning to drive...for the basic reason that once i know how to, i'll be all over with the boys... hihi
  14. Read Books. i'll try to be more realistic for this one.... i just want to finish Brida, and read 1 more. :-)
  15. Prettify. this feels like an obligation for me, now that im living with 3 boys... we need some girly air around somehow... :-) oh and i dont mind looking pretty this time too... :-)

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