Thursday, January 1, 2015

fave yearend activity: Revisiting my wishlist!!!

i'm soooo excited to do this revisit/evaluation of my to-do list for 2014 that i have started draft of this post as early as Dec1 (could have been earlier pero ngpipigil pa ako sa lagay na yan! hahaha)

so here goes, i have my original post here, with my evaluation/revisit comments in RED


im beginning to love this idea of listing my wishes and plan at the start of the year and checking how much was achieved at the end of the year.... so here's my list for this year.... :-)


play school for paoloFind pao a nice play school this sum mer.... i've tried to ask him once last year if he wants to go to school already and he said yes. And i randomly hear him say "punta na school papao" eversince. :-) got me thinking also that if he did like play school and is actually school-ready, should i enrol him already for kinder in the next school year??? he's just 2 and will turn 3 in October. 

(1) -we did a one month play school at Yogi Veterans!!! he was excited at first.... but he was more of an observer the whole playschool time (soooo mommy!!!) he doesn't participate so much in the singing and dancing part of their everyday class, but he participates with coloring-related activities. his coloring skills are getting better! with only little strokes outside any figure's lines...i asked him if he still wants to go to school after 1mo in Yogi, he said no, so we're giving him one extra year of pure play and bonding with the mateo (who's catching up with kuya fast!!!)

blogged about this HERE and HERE!!!

mateo's 1st birthday! Organize a fun but not so expensive 1st birthday party for our  Mateo.... i think Jollibee will still have to be part of the whole act, he's just a children's party centerpiece hehehe. Good thing Mateo chose a holiday as his birthday!

(1) - achieved! :-) a The Little Prince inspired party na merong jollibee.... hahaha it was a bit magastos but it's all worth it.... seeing mateo and paolo having fun, and also the guests! :-) (no blog about the party as of this post yet...)

family photoshoot. Since mommy's always the photographer, and i have not trained the yayas or the tita yet to get the family photos i want (or the candid fam photos!) i just thought of hiring our fave photographer (who's actually into weddings) and have our candid family photo shoot (i think the fishpond would be a nice place to consider...

 (0) - this one's a fail.... hehehe let's try in 2015!

continue the monthly photoshoot of the boys (all 3 of them!). since we're doing this during the current monthly shoot of Mateo, just thought of continuing it even after Mateo's first birthday... might just need to change the setup though. :-)

(0.5) - this one stopped also after mateo's 1st birthday...hirap kasi nila igather na

create savings accounts for the boys. Last christmas, some ninongs and ninangs and even mommyla gave them cash.... they have tons of toys, books and clothes (most are also gifts!!!), so i just thought of creating savings accounts for them for all the cash gifts they receive whenever, because they basically have what they need. (this would mean me returning paolo his cash gifts from his binyag and 1st birthday.... hehehe 'cause mommy can't remember where it went hehe)

(1) - hoooray for this one!!!! was able to create their accounts before end of 1st quarter of 2014 and made scheduled transfers to their accounts every payroll.... :-)


get us a better family car... not necessarily brand new but one that i can drive without the hubby worrying about me getting busted with the car in the middle of nowhere hehehe
(1) - yey! though we still need to settle some things for this one.... :-) (no photo and blogpost for this one...

house renovation with 2nd floor. looooong shot but i guess it's better to start targeting this than keeping it at the back of our plans forever. :-) we badly need more space at home, specially with the 2 crazy boys! :D their toys is currently conquering every space in the house... hehe

(0) - fail! it's a looooong shot indeed...

pretty kitchen! though there's a plan for a house renovation which is a super plan, but i think it wouldn't hurt for me to wish for the kitchen to be prettified even ahead of the house! hihihihi i dont want a kitchen that can cook for a battalion....i want a kitchen that can make me have fun while cooking pretty and fancy meals for my boys! :-)

(0) - loooooong shot too.... hehehe fail!

organize room! and keep it that way! the hubby grant my wish to create built in cabinets and shelves in our room... now with the resources, its a challenge for me to keep our place neat and organized (gotta train the yayas!!! hehehe)

(0.5) - we added shelves this year.... slightly met i would say....

convince mamang for a minimalist house decor. my mom can be considered as one of the gods of home trinkets! well at least now she's tamed a little, but before she'll display all the souvenirs she'll get from whereever or whatever occassion... im glad that the boys are wreaking havoc in the house so she was forced to keep some away from the kids.... :-) we have a small space now, and living with your parents is definitely an extra challenge specially when deciding on how to make space in your home.... hehehe

(0) -! hehehehe this one's a loooong shot too.... but im glad im somewhere near in achieving this goal (we were able to get rid of that old no-longer-working washing machine this year!!!)

     i am unprepared for any family trip this year.... i have not bought any tix to anywhere for us yet. probably because i am not feeling the travel bug lately... though i have these trips in mind for the family this year, i hope i'll get my travel groove back before the year ends (im sure si hubby ang happy na im slowing down on this hehehe)

visit to leo's fam in basilan. the last time we went there was back in Oct2010... i was not even pregnant with paolo yet. this time we want the kids to experience isabela city and staying with relatives. :-) im keeping my fingers crossed though that our area including basilan will be peaceful this year.

(0) - fail.... it's still a bit unsafe i dont want to take the risk yet...

manila trip to visit baby Lulu! i think i want a manila trip for all of us every year, to be with my sibs and their kids. last year me and paolo get to stay 1day with kuya uno and tita joy. we missed tito dada and ate chuchay though. hoping to be with them this year. i dont want them all to grow up not having childhood memories of each other. my family's vacations with my cousins are one of my fave childhood memories! :-)

(1) - no manila trip.... but we ended up in a place from our childhood summers and christmas vacations....ANTIQUE!!!! :-) we missed kuyapots family though, but at least we get to have a time with them while we wait for our MNL-ZAM flight... :-)

an adventure with the Kaladkarins! no plans whatsoever except for their Cebu Sinulog trip this january. but im still hoping for one lakad with them kahit dito lang sa zamboanga! :-)

(0) - fail! i guess everybody's just toooo busy in 2014... hoping 2015 will be a K-year!

alone or me-&-hubby trip somewhere. i suppose either i need a me time or a time with the hubbyness, either to shop or just relax... although nakakaguilty isipin dahil iiwan ang kids but i think we both need this too. :-)

(0) - will that one night he stayed with me in my hotel when we happen to be both in manila for trainings and he doesnt have a place to stay yet count??? hehehe nah! we really need that "US" trip.... so this one's a fail for 2014... 


double savings and improve net worth. nuff said. :-) (0) - waaahhh!!! fail!!!!

start that stock trading thing! nuff said also (1) - found my SSS ID (the only govt ID i have now... so i was able to start this one!!! bought me some MBT and SMC shares!!!)

create my AFPSLAI account. i had been procrastinating with this, it's been a year since i last planned about it. why create? because it got better interest than your ordinary savings account. so you can just let your money sleep there and earn! plus the fact that it wont be easy for me to withdraw dahil hassle pumunta pa sa Southcom. hehe. (0) - this is 2years delayed already!!!! fail!

Self Development and Hobbies

promding chamimay: catch up on our last years best moments and ensure i create 20 posts a month for all our perfect ordinary days! forever na tong kasama sa wishlist ko! hehehe 

(0.5) - i was at it at the start of the year but got too busy...and so...lots of bloglog still....

lose 35lbs! starting weight 158.6lbs. i want to be at the 130lbs level before the year ends. that was my pre-preggers weight.

(0) - hahahahaha! i gained!!! damn!

balanced life. my paolo is such an emotional bundle lately. hearing him say "wag office mommy" is kinda heartbreaking. or worst during his crying feat e hihirit ng "iwan daddy papao". i wish i will be able to make sure that despite the heavy workload i would the boys would feel that they are still mommy's priority. otherwise i will have to try working from home talaga. they will not be forever babies. i am prepared for the day that they will choose to be with friends, but i dont want that day to come with me full of regrets because i did not take advantage the time that they want mommy to be around always.

(0.5) - i don't know how to measure if i have achieved this or not.... there's still a lot of guilt feeling specially during weeks of almost every day of going home past their bedtimes.... but i suppose the memories made through these photos somehow tells me i have achieved at least 30-50% of what i intend.... :-)

bake! i have somehow started with this last new year prep, accidentally. but i was not happy with the result so it doesnt count. hehehehe i will try to be easy on myself this year. Goal will just be to bake pandesal! :-)

(1) - i dared to try my staff's recipe for chocolate cupcake last nov30.... and i was on a baking frenzy for the whole month of December!!! i have moved on to bread from cupcakes... it feels like it had become a part of me already that everytime i do it it feels like a normal activity already.... :-) finally!!! after years of wishing, im baking already!!! our electric bill shoot up nga lang.... haha!

read books i want to have my reading groove back. im still not sold to reading through my phone or any gadget... im still sticking with printed copies. i prefer the feel and the smell... so i suppose i will have to stick with that to make sure books won't go extinct! :-)

(0) - fail! i dont want to make excuses....hehe

dress pattern making and eventually dress-making! im not giving up on this one...specially now that iv seen sewing machines being sold at less than 5k! :-)

(0) - fail din.... eto ang magiging ultimate domestic goal ko in 2015....

stock up and learn to use makeup and all the girly stuff. because we need a girl in the family... :-)

(0.5) - was able to add some to my stash... but i still lack some blush on! ehehehehe... oh and i've done my make up during our Malacanan stint!!! and during our christmas party, so i suppose i have somehow achieved this.... :-)

drive!!! whether it'll be Hammie (dahil di pa nabebenta) or with the new car, i MUST drive this year! :-)

(0) - isa pang fail!!! im beginning to think that the daddyboo is deliberately not teaching me to drive dahil ayaw nya talaga akong mgdrive! urgh! must enrol na lang talaga... hehehe

...and finally, grow that herb garden iv been wishing for so long. nuff said. :-)

(0.5) - i have almost succeeded on this one... bought rosemary, tarragon, oregano, mint and basil but...... they're all dead now.... hehehehe!!! this definitely needs dedication... will try again...

no explanations, just the list of my targets for this year:
  1. bizbox v8 implementation - (1) - done!
  2. Centralized OPD implementation - (1) - done!
  3. finalize 2014 budget and eventually the budget process - (0) - fail!
  4. document process manual for v8 users (specific to our processes) - (0) fail!
  5. finalize my team's performance evaluation - (0.5) - in process
  6. quarterly review of the financials and budget. - (0.5) in process
  7. centralized supply room inside the hospital - (0) - fail!
  8. management report - complete with details per area. - (0)in process
  9. be hired at least once in odesk. - (0) - fail! must double my effort for this one
  10. metrics measurement/data gathering specially on process TATs. - (0.5) -measurement established to some processes, still working on setting up in some.... :-)

looks like my list is longer this year. fingers crossed again, and i cant wait for the yearend review. :-)

so it's 13.5 over 36....more or less 37.5% achievement.... hehehe still feels like i've done so much in 2014... it was not an easy year in almost all aspect of my life, specially at work... i have to deal with a difficult person, workload had been the most eversince (i am not complaining at all about this!)...and a lot of other things... but 2014 is still the best year for our family so far.... our bunso is catching up on kuya so our ordinary everydays are becoming more and more exciting.... despite the ugly parts of 2014 i am still grateful for it... :-)

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