Friday, April 25, 2014

lunchdate with Parex!

tita lelang missed the first day! wanted to see the pao on the 2nd day only to realize she'll be unavailable for lunch, and i cant on the 3rd day.... so on a friday, we scheduled a lunch date, and remembered to invite Parex too!!! 

had a little fight because paolo took gelo's bag, he wanted to place it in the corner since it was right in the middle of their play area... gelo got mad, spank paolo and took the bag.... paolo spank bag.... oh kids.... oh boys at that! hehehe

buti ka pa pala sherlyn may picture... kami ni leila wala!!! hahaha

the 2 kiddos settled themselves with just french fries! urgh! bad bad baaaaddd!!!

they head back to the play area after eating.... paolo was trying to hug and carry parex from behind....

to which parex delightedly raise his legs as if hanging to paolo....

to which paolo lets go after realizing parex's a bit heavy.... hehe

and then they would wrestle... he would force parex to lie down, and lie over him...

would even force him to lie face down and then ride on him.... to which i stopped taking photos and got mad at what he's doing already!!!!

directed them to go up and try the slide instead....

paolo is still scared to slide in jobee's play area.... specially with rowdy kids.... parex is not a bit scared but would not want to proceed without pareng papao....

they settled here instead, shouting at each other while standing side by side.... crazy kiddos.... sabay pacute sa akin for photos.... :-)

and when we asked them that we need to leave, they obligingly followed, but papao was asking if papao would come with them.... i told him not.... and then he got distracted with the balloons sold outside jobee... i agreed to buy him so he wont cry once we will all go down at the office.... but he still cried his heart out knowing gelo was also coming to the office with us.... nyaha!

created and posted: April 26-27, 2014

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