Wednesday, May 21, 2014

pao's first recognition day!

ang bilis ng 1month! tapos na agad ang summer toddler school ng paolo... we were asked to bring and share food for their last day, akala ko with classmates nya lang and family, we ended up having a program with 2 other summer classes... im glad i decided to go, i had fun! :-) and paolo was his kulit self so im pretty sure had fun too! :-)
i had already expected that each kid will have an award, i was excited what pao's teacher saw in him during the 1month tot school.... and lo and behold.... he was recognized as "Most Behaved"!!! i almost laugh when it was announced hihihihi! the little boy was ultra proud of his ribbon... :D

mandatory pic with the mommy!!! :-)

pero di pwedeng walang pic with Ate Jean!!! ang araw araw na nagttyaga sa kulit at minsan sungit ng paolo!!! :D

this is the best shot i have for their class pic.... wasn't able to position myself in the middle kaya mejo mahirap makuha silang lahat....pero parang may mga wala sa pic, that girl i talked to during their first day about her baon is not here... hmn... and another boy's not here.... but most of my faves are here hehehe :-)

ang mandatory outfit shot before kami aalis ng bahay... feel na feel ng papao ang kanyang polo (thanks Denise Katipunera! mejo ngkasya na sa kanya finally!)...mejo di ko nga bet ang shoes...and the hair! we badly need a trip to the barbero anak! :D

for the first time mateo didn't look sad waving b'bye to us.... did he understand nung sinabihan ko sya na this will be kuya's last day of leaving him in the morning???? :-)

this is what's making me protest his "Most Behaved" ribbon...hehe kasi pagkarating pa lang namin ang harot na! takbo dito takbo dun....

even forced me to take photos of the "eggs" daw... :D

and more harot with classmate Nina... they want to sit in front!!!

he agreed to sit where they're supposed to sit (but only for a few seconds!) after i threatened him i'll just go to the office instead hehehe

and then the program started.... here's their summer ballet kids... the small kid at the back, she's really good! ballerina built and ballerina moves! and this one on the right, she's just adorable! :D

and it's the toddlers' turn to perform.... nasa mood rumiot ang paolo!

a little video of their performance.... and paolo's running around sabay palakpak as if he performed with them! hehe

awarding photos! :D eksena pa si mommy... 

aba behaved nga!!! :-)

some more photos post-program.... during their "class pic" and the salo-salo

created and posted: May 23-24, 2014

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