Friday, April 25, 2014

pao's first week in toddler school!!!

so our paolo finally started school! that's after several times he had been telling us he's going to school since last year.... and the several times he would tell me that that angry bird bag his ninang ela gave him would be his bag.... and the number of times he would react to kids in uniform with ID in tv shows and say that that's his ID....

but few days before THE DAY, he was saying he doesn't want to go to school anymore, i asked several times why.... he never answered until one weekend he approached me and told me "wala kasama sa school si papao mommy! may mumu dun!" my gosh san nya napulot yan? and all these time yun lang pala ang ngbobother sa kanya! haha! i told him his ate jean will be there with him.... 

day 01!
the "ayaw ko picture" fever is still soooo in! just wanted to take his OOTD on his first day. he looked cute with his bag and school envelop with paper and pencils and crayons inside.... :-)

i was a good mommy of a first born first time school boy so when the girl i talked to over the phone told me to come at around 8am to enroll my pao though class starts at 9am, so we were there a few minutes after 8. We were done with the enrollment in a jiffy so i get to leave my laptop and some stuff at the office (which is soooo near my boy's school) and went back and have time to play first.....

i joined paolo and ate jean on the first day... he was super shy... not wanting to participate when they were asked to color the paper give to them for the first activity.... when the teacher asked them to come in front so they can sing and dance, he refused to join too! he stayed where me and ate jean was staying and decided to stack chairs!

one time he agreed to sit in front with ate jean... Teacher Van gave him a star but he refused to accept it!!! hahaha so mahaba-habang usapan with the daddyboo later that he has to take home stars from the teacher.... :-) blackout the whole time, the school's generator can not handle aircon so it was hot like hell inside the classroom with 10-12 kids with their yaya's/parents with them....

another activity: shapes! the kids were asked to post on the right shape on the board the shaped paper given to them.... looking at paolo who's soooo into his puzzle games in my phone, i know he knows what to do, and he seem to know where to put the shape when the kid was asked to do it.... but he preferred to just sit with us and watch... well, ok for his first day... not magulo and very observing... i was confident he'll be ok for the rest of the summer class.... :-)

last activity of the day: color another sheet of paper with shapes on it.... he participated this time!!!! hooray!!! meaning he's warming up with school already...woohoo!!!

crazy messy... but at least he covered the insides of the shapes! :-)

when he's done, i told him to give his paper to his teacher.... he obligingly followed!!! sadly though, the teacher did not see him right away when he was trying to give the paper, so he followed her around.... i was sooo amazed with this that i forgot to take photos!!! when the teacher finally realized paolo was trying to give her his work, she offered him a star.... he still refused to accept it!!! nyaha! so basically he got no stars on the first day! good job paolo, good job! haha

before we ended day1... here's a photo of your classroom honey.... :-)

at some point during the 2-hr class, he was already asking to go out and play at the slides because it was already too hot inside and the doors and windows are open.... he even tried to escape but at jean caught him back hehe.... so we let him play before heading home after the class... :-)


7am and he's still asleep... so i asked him if he still wants to go to school... he responded with "school pa!"... he got up without drama, played with mateo a little and agreed to prepare already without drama! :-) he was ultra perky the whole drive to school... even asking me "san park ang airplane mommy?".... and even aired his concern with kites on electric lines.... oh and he allowed to be photographed!!!! hihihi

along the way, i was psyching him i won't be joining him....i was worried of the drama if i won't join him... but once he jumped out of the car, he turned and told me "wait ka lang jan mommy ha!" and proceeded to the gate like its his regular routine already.... i followed him and asked for a kiss... he went back and gave me one then went on inside the schoolgrounds... wooh! that fast??? move on agad??? haha

and on day2.... he finally accepted a star! :-) i wasn't with him anymore so i asked ate jean what they did and if he participated already.... he did with the posting their names on the tree!!! way to go sweetheart!!!! :-)

before we started preparing for school, i told him na nalulungkot si mamat every time he leaves for school.... he told mamat "wag sad mamat ha, school lang ang papao".... :-)

he makes sure he gives mamat a kiss too everytime we leave in the morning... :-)

sad babyboo.... :-( don't worry sweetheart, you'll be out and about in no time too.... you and kuyaboo are growing up way to crazy fast!!!

this scene is not part of my weekday mornings!!! bittersweet for mommies indeed pero loooooove!!! :-)

i stayed a little late in the office that day, so he asked his lola to call me.... i asked him if he got a star again.... he said "may star tsaka nemo!!!"... i was like "anong nemo???" later ate jean told me the activity was fishing nemo out of the "simsimpool" inside the classroom.... so here's nemo, which he still brings to school with him kasi raw "wala syang kasama sa bahay".... hehe

4th day was a friday, a PE day i supposed. we were asked to let him come to school in jogging pants and rubber shoes.... he got no jogging pants so the daddyboo bought him some after Thursday work.... when we arrived home he doesn't want to try it on.... pero no drama na the next day when we were preparing for school.... and i think he finds it comfortable as well.... :-)

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