Thursday, April 3, 2014

nursery rhymes night

i have tried not to resort to videos for paolo's learning before....but eventually gave in... i should stop trying to resist technology when teaching kids, just need to learn how to control it though... the videos, we only let them watch when we're home so as not to spoil them and make them get so used to it that they would choose it over actual everytime we're home its lotsa nursery rhymes and bulldozers and backhoes and dump trucks and etc for us.... makes me smile everytime i hear the daddyboo sing along the nursery rhymes on repeat (specially the "the wheels on the bus") which he told paolo before he never heard those before but he now knows by heart, and would even sing it (in a big boy's tune) when driving! signs of a good daddy!!! hihihi
ang serious!!! i think the nursery rhymes playlist that was on that night was the one that i kept on reacting na super brutal.... my first time to listen to the full "Three Blind Mice"...meron palang part dun na the lady cut their tails with a knife!!! and OMG that stuck with paolo! since he's scared of mice he would say "kutsilyuhin ni ate jean buntot ng daga!".... mommy freakout moment na naman!!!!

i decided to turn off the lights to convince them to watch the vids while lying down already so they can start feeling sleepy... but nooooo.......

tutok na tutok pa rin!!!!

and so kilitian mode with the mamat!

unaffected ang kuya.... serious pa rin sa pagwatch...

and saw me taking photos...and got mad at me!

wait...parang di ata eto ang playlist na merong cutting of tails.... parang eto ata yung merong "pussy's in the well" na pinagtatawanan ng daddyboo ang title...pero brutal pa rin kasi in that rhyme e a boy pushed the cat into the well! 

may nagselos na.... and decided to sit on daddy's tummy too!

still trying to be unaffected by the kulitan ng daddy at mamat...

pero somebody's trying to push kuya off daddyboo.... naku!!!!

ok the video still won... we still had a happy ever after night! :-)

created and posted: May 26-28, 2014

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