Monday, September 27, 2010


There's 2 major change in my life that happened in the past 3years.... both really changed the direction of my monotonous life... :-)

lost 40lbs in 3months!
i didn't expect i could lose so much fat so quickly... the weight loss wasn't planned or anything... although my roommates kept on telling me then that iv become so, not big..HUGE already hehe i still keep on denying that i am... until i felt the need for some space and some air. i feel so suffocated with my daily routine... more than 12hours of work in my cubicle, then spending the rest of the day in my apartment...

good thing i have a jogging buddy (ezra). it became easier to push myself to jog everyday 4x a week and lessen my calorie intake... she was also trying to lose weight so it silently became a race for the 2 of us... if im the one who's losing the motivation she's the one hyped to jog... the same happens if it's her who's not in the mood to jog... and so we didn't miss a day for 3 months! and voila! iv lost 40lbs!!!

the weight loss boost my self-confidence... i became more daring in a lot of things...i feel like i can do more, explore more, experience life more... it's a totally different world for me now that i've shrinked... i dunno how to express what the 40lb difference made such an impact in my life.... :-)

moved back to Zamboanga after 11years in Manila!
t'was a bit surprising that deciding to move back was very easy... i did not experience one million what ifs similar to those iv gone through during my almost-work abroad.... it just felt like the perfect decision at that time... move back with my parents and my dude... the move totally changed where im heading and made me realize what i really want... :-) i still miss life in Manila and how almost everything is conveniently available... but im loving the laid back life in the province... :-)

i thought i would end up stressed with major changes in my life... that there would be hang-ups... but keeping an open mind... and letting yourself just go with the flow would make it easier to go through any transitions... :-)


im doing this blog with the Goldilocks promo in mind... you have to talk about major change that happened in your life... and if there's any role for Goldilocks somewhere.... i decided to join because i have something to share....since my birthday back in 2007 me and my housemates back in Makati had this tradition of having Goldilocks Choco Roll during our birthdays... there was even a time when we head out almost midnight just to find an open Goldilocks shop to get a choco roll for my birthday... ;D

i had a lot of chocolate cakes but i always keep on coming back to G's Choco Roll... nothing beats the soft and moist chocolate chiffon cake topped with oozing choco... i would usually target to have both ends to myself because that's where more choco is. :-)

a lot of changes may happen in my life.... but a Goldilocks Choco Roll would be one of my constant things... it never fails to bring out my happy mode... :-)

my birthday - April2007
i was packing my stuff because i was going home to Zamboanga to spend my birthday with my Mamang and Papang... I bought 2 halves of Choco Roll... Sol and Cherry insisted that we celebrate my birthday before my flight... the Choco Rolls were supposed to be pasalubong for my Papang... but we ate one that night which started our Choco Roll on birthdays tradition... :-)

my birthday - April2008
i just came from a badminton game... t'was past 11pm and Cherry told me that we should buy a Choco Roll since it'll be my birthday already by midnight... good thing the Pasong Tamo branch is open 24hours. :-)

Cherry's birthday - December 2008
we surprised her. I was really laughing my heart out from downstairs... Julie even asked for a match in the nearest sari-sari store so we could enter the apartment with the candles all lit up already... :D

my birthday - April2009
my last birthday in our apartment... i was already expecting the Choco Roll... but the girls went overboard with the pasta, balloons and ice cream!!! you're the best dudettes!!! :D

my birthday - April2010
my first time to celebrate my birthday in zamboanga after moving back... there's no goldilocks branch here but im glad there's a somewhat distributor in Mindpro... I still got myself a Choco Roll this year!!! :-)

i had evovled....and so did Goldilocks... but im glad the taste remained the same.... Choco Roll forever!!!! :-)


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  1. Change is good. You look good! Leo is good looking! Hehehehe. Nice blog charm. (Dom)



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