Thursday, September 30, 2010

i'm officially in love with Tacloban!

beyond McArthur and San Juanico bridge... I am surprised I enjoyed our quick trip to Tacloban! :-) i've been worried it would end up like another typical tour so until the last minute iv been scourging the net for anything interesting about the place... i was even suggesting to Ezra that we should try going out of Tacloban and probably try Ormoc or go to Samar and we might probably find something more interesting there... :-)

it turned out we didn't even have enough time to go to everything in our Tacloban must see, must eat list... :-) hehe

I enjoyed each of our stops because they have little somethings that "wow-ed" me. I will be blogging about each of the stops separately and will link back to this post. These stops are highly recommended if you just happen to find youself heading to Tac... :-)
  • Hotel Alejandro (the best hotel in Tac for me!)
  • Sto Nino Shrine (you really have to go inside to appreciate it!)
  • People's Place (the 2nd floor library is the best part in this place)
  • McArthur's Park (usual tourist spot in Tacloban, but i still give this place a plus!)
  • Imelda's House in Tolosa (or what is now the Olot Beach Resort)
  • Club 6500 (the newest gimik place in Tac)
  • San Juanico Bridge (another typical Tac must see... but i love it!)

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another option i gave her was to do a foodtrip in Tacloban... i cant remember what i found on the net that time and told her that.... so while we're waiting for our flight to Tac, we made a quick google for any nice restos... and we found a lot of nice and promising places! this got us more excited!!! Even our fave foodie blogger Anton Diaz had his top 10 list best foodie place in Tacloban... :-)

Here's where we've stuffed ourselves until we felt like too drunk from eating... hehe

  • Calle "Z" - Calle Zaragoza (a fave gimik place... it had this laid back feel)
  • Jose Carlos (the one I almost scrapped from the list because they have no free Wifi! but we realized after that this is one of our best finds in Tac)
  • Dream Cafe (still chic despite the ordinariness of the place)
  • Sunzibar! (Mexican resto that gave us a hard time to locate. here's ezra's blog about the resto: ezra on Sunzibar.)
  • Guisuppe's Italian Resto (a bit pricey, but im just too ecstatic for an italian resto hehe)
  • The Stalk Exchange (another great find! this new vegetarian resto had really got us giddy. here's ezra on the Stalk Exhange)
  • Cafe Teresa/The Lobby Cafe (Hotel Alejandro's... surprisingly nice foodie place! where i spent killling time after ezra left and until my flight)
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Links to detailed blogs of items in my list above to follow... :-)

Tacloban City, Leyte
September 17-19,2010

Camera: Canon Powershot D10


  1. yung gastos ntn dba. dun ko susundan ang blog ko

  2. I was going though your Wonderventures, found this at the end! I love Tacloban too! It's my second home, btw, my husband grew up there. =)

    1. hehe...which reminded my lady anne that im not done with blogging about that trip!!! waaahhh!!! that was like 2 years ago already!!! hehehe but i would still want to complete my Tac series simply because until now im still in love with Tacloban hehe :-)

  3. You should try going back... A lot have changed



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