Thursday, February 25, 2016

malamawi: love at first wave!

the malamawi white beach in basilan had always been in our list to go to around zamboanga city, but we never dared... until lately we've been seeing a lot of friends going there.... so with a long weekend and hubby's relatives in the nearby isabela, we joined with tita lelang's very decided disposition to go to malamawi.... 

one word to describe malamawi: WAVES!!!!

i'm not an expert in identifying if waves are good enough for surfing, but i do hope that malamawi's waves are! imagine a surfing place just less than 2hours from zambo city!!! 

I've been imagining Malamawi White Beach as some off-the-beaten-path kind of beach, beautiful in all its rawness but i guess i came too late... the place is being developed into a resort already, with cottages and overnight place to stay, with a port being constructed, with jet skis and kayaks for rent (i hope there will be surfboards later too!!!)...but the waves...oooohh the waves!!! if you're the time who enjoys throwing yourself into coming big waves, this is one good place to do that! :-) 

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