Monday, August 31, 2009

amateur fishing

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been inviting them for some time already to go to our fishpond and try fishing... we finally did yesterday... they are my first guests here. :-)

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only using bamboo sticks with nylon strings and hook attached...and using shrimps as bait, we were able to catch six (6) tilapia and some "awa" (milkfish/bangus looking ones)... it was very hot during the whole time but we enjoyed the time...

things learned:
1) we can always ask for the caretaker to actually use the net to catch more fish... hehe
2) tilapia will bite more if we used worms instead of shrimps as bait.
3) always bring extra food... never rely on your catch specially if you're first-timers. :-)

we were all exhausted after the trip. until next time! :-)


duncaan, boalan
Zamboanga City, Philippines
30 August 2009

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