Wednesday, September 2, 2009

country food and tea house (nuñez ext, zamboanga city)

i've been struggling to find a nice place to hang out eversince i came home to zamboanga... so far i'm glad there's 3rd Cup and Coffee Mix already, at least we have options with venues for meet up with friends. :-)

my sis' friend dianne introduced me to Country Food and Tea House, a nice little crepe house (well that's what i want to call it because of the many choices of crepes, although i think they're selling it as a tea house instead --- too bad im not a tea-lover)... it's located right beside Coffee Mix.

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Mango Crepe - kinda very sweet for me. I'm a bit bothered by too much nuts and stick-o like stuff included... hehe i love my mango crepe plain and simple with vanilla ice cream. :D

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Sansrival Crepe - this is what Dianne got. I tried one bite... it almost have similar texture as our Mango Crepe.

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photo's blurred but this is the best shot i got of the menu. :-) i'll surely try their other crepes...specially the non-dessert ones. :-)

i wish i'll be able to push myself to try their different tea too...specially now that they have new varieties. :-)

However, ambiance-wise i love the place. Not too crowded (probably because not too much people know about this place yet).

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I love the bright orange and green color of the place

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and the lights in the ceiling... quite close to the interiors of some restos in Manila. :-)

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they have free wifi too! :-)

here's the resto's sign so you won't miss it. :-)
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Country Food and Tea House
Nuñez Extension
Zamboanga City

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