Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i heart Sta Cruz Island's underwater too!!! (2 of 3)

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no matter how pretty a beach is, if its not swimmable then i dont get impressed. :D im just glad i wont be including sta cruz island in that list... i love how its crystal clear,probably because the shoreline is not really made of sand but crushed corals that are not totally pulverized yet. Notice how it doesnt get murky even though we've been swimming for hours.... and notice how the color changes behind... we didnt dare go to that darker part not only that its deeper but the current is really strong at that time...

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im loving how we get really clear underwater pictures without using any flash. :D and im loving the reflections on the surface...its nice noh? this is Karen, she's one of my faves when taking underwater shots (since Caramoan trip), she makes it look so effortless with that smile and that relax mode.. hehe i just hope she'll try different pose next time... :D im still loving how the color changes in the background...

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gagay...another pro when it comes to underwater shots... hehehe

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julie's learning the trick too!!! it's the smile!!! im teaching her to try to go lower... ;D

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yey! we got a nice group pic... :D we still couldn't get ezra to open her mouth for a smile underwater hehehe and both their arms are sooo everywhere once we got down... i need to grab them off :)

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....and would i let this underwater madness pass without a pic with my dude? :) we've discovered that the lighting and color under our boat is nice... ezra took a lot of photos of all of us under the boat...

( be continued)

Sta Cruz Island
Zamboanga City, Philippines
06 September 2009


  1. wow shades under water! :)

    for link exchange, ill put a link of your blog in mine and you just have to do the same thing. its a good way to build your network.

  2. hehe yeah, that's my signature underwater shot... :D my friends copied me hehe kulet :D

    okie cge let's do that... :D thanks thanks! :D

  3. wow!! these photos are great! galing naman... what'the model of the camera you guys are using? ang galing naman..

    i'll thry this out in the coming days! :D

  4. hi! naku sayang di kita makikilala... :-)

    canonD10 or Olympus underwater cam ang gamit namin here... :-) you've got too try this! lalo na sa sta cruz... been to a lot of beach na pero Sta Cruz and the Blue lagoon in pagudpud yung perfect for underwater shots!!!



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